- Fix coding error in overload_not_equiv. (Affected older gmp versions only).
   Thanks chargr.

 - Extend overloading of comparisons between mpz_t and mpq_t such that it is available for all
   builds of Math::GMPz (ie doesn't have to be built against gmp-6.1.0 or later).
 - Allow overloading of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations to
   accept an mpq_t argument (and return an mpq_t object).
 - Move the defines at the beginning of GMPz.xs out of that file and into (the newly
   created) math_gmpz_include.h
 - Croak on divby0 (instead of crashing).
 - In overload_xor_eq, overload_ior_eq, overload_and_eq, overload_pow_eq, overload_rshift_eq,
   overload_lshift_eq, overload_mod_eq, overload_div_eq, overload_sub_eq, overload_add_eq and
   overload_mul_eq, SvREFCNT_dec(a) before every occurrence of croak().
 - modify overloaded bitwise functions to work when feature 'bitwise' is enabled - and add
   a test file (bitwise.t) to test this.

 - Rewrite tests in t/index_bug.t to avoid crashes owing to memory constraints

 - Add _is_infstring() for use with overloaded comparison operators (==, !=, >, >=, <, <=, <=>)
 - Corrections made to memory allocation for string buffers in GMPz.xs. (Version 0.44 has been
   over-allocating by a factor of more than 3.)
 - Broaden overload_pow and overload_pow_eq to accommodate Math::GMPz objects whose value fit into
   unsigned long int.
 - Add documentation of Rmpz_rootrem. (Thanks trizen.)
 - Catch the case (gmp-6 and earlier only) where the index passed to mpz_clrbit, mpz_setbit
   mpz_combit, mpz_tstbit, mpz_scan0 or mpz_scan1 is greater than ULONG_MAX.
 - Create separate GMPz.pod

 - Remove gmp_version (library) function from Math::GMPz::V. (Math::GMPz::V is
   supposed to *not* include any library functions.)
 - Replace SvUV/SvIV/SvNV with SvUVX/SvIVX/SvNVX where appropriate. (In typemap, too.)
 - Remove the private function _Rmpz_init_set_ld, which has been replaced with the
   public function Rmpz_init_set_NV.
 - Also add Rmpz_set_NV, Rmpz_set_IV, Rmpz_get_IV, Rmpz_fits_IV and Rmpz_fits_UV.
 - Rmpz_init_set_d, Rmpz_set_d now throw an error if the supplied double is a NaN or
   an Inf. (As do Rmpz_init_set_NV and Rmpz_set_NV when the supplied NV is Inf/NaN.)
   The gmp library does not accept Inf/Nan arguments - and it's better to have Math::GMPz
   present a meaningful error message than to have the gmp library dump core.
 - Accommodate __float128 nvtype.
 - Add Rmpz_cmp_NV.
 - Replace the condition "if(SvNOK(x))" with "if(SvNOK(x) && !SvPOK(x))".
   See https://github.com/sisyphus/math-gmpz/issues/1 (Thanks trizen.)

 - Overload operations with Math::BigInt objects, and allow new() to accept a
   Math::BigInt object.

 - PREREQ_PM => {'Exporter' => '5.58'} to avoid test failures on pre perl-5.8.4
   (Thanks Peter Acklam)

 - Add overloading of comparison operators with Math::GMPq objects - gmp-6.1.0
   and later. (Uses mpq_cmp_z function.)

 - Define mp_bitcnt_t to unsigned long int in GMPz.xs if version is less than 5.0.0
 - Add autocorrelation and autocorrelation_20000 (neither of which is documented
   or exported)
 - No longer define USE_64_BIT_INT if ivtype is 'long'.

 - Add metadata to Makefile.PL
 - Add Rmpz_bin_si, as suggested by Dana Jacobsen. (Added even though the gmp
   library provides only mpz_bin_ui and mpz_bin_uiui.)
 - Tweaks to Math::GMPz::gmp_v() and Math::GMPz::V::gmp_v()
 - Fix bug in Rruns function.

 - Alter wrap_gmp_sprintf and wrap_gmp_snprintf to take an extra arg (length of
   buffer to which we write).
 - Remove Rmpz_sprintf_ret and Rmpz_snprintf_ret. (These now seem pointless in
   view of the changes to wrap_gmp_sprintf and wrap_gmp_snprintf.)
 - Add Math::GMPz::__GNU_MP_RELEASE.
 - Alter V.xs to accommodate the possibility that the global constant gmp_version
   has not been set in gmp.h. I've assumed this can only happen if the gmp
   library version is earlier than 4.0.0. (The gmp ChangeLog indicates that this
   is so.)
 - No longer include inttypes.h on the basis of USE_LONG_DOUBLE being defined.
   (Was harmless ... but didn't make much sense.)
 - Define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT (in XS code).

 - Alter test 3i in new.t to allow for the possibility that perl has been bult
   with -Duselongdouble.
 - Remove some of the undocumented (cruddy & irrelevant) functions from GMPz.xs,
   and remove t/supp1.t and t/supp2.t (which tested those functions).
 - Alter the way that strEQ gets hold of HvNAME(SvSTASH(SvRV(sv))) - so that -Wall
   doesn't emit "null argument" warnings. (Thanks Daniel Kahn Gillmor.)

 - Add Rmpz_2fac_ui, Rmpz_mfac_uiui and Rmpz_primorial_ui (all new in gmp-5.1.0).

 - Add Math::GMPz::V
 - Add cross-class overloading (with Math::MPFR objects only).

 - Fix error in Rmpz_gcd_ui. (Should've been returning SV*. Thanks Dana Jacobsen.)
 - Create the NULL mpz_t ($Math::GMPz::NULL)

 - Remove 'not' from overloads. Apparently achieved nothing anyway, and 5.16
   warns that it's invalid.

 - Add Rmpz_powm_sec (gmp-5 only, and not available when building against mpir).
 - In the documentation, elaborate on the way that Math::GMPz::get_v() and
   __GNU_MP_VERSION & friends determine their values. (Thanks Vincent Lefevre.)
 - Add Rmpz_div, Rmpz_divmod, Rmpz_div_ui, Rmpz_divmod_ui,
   Rmpz_div_2exp and Rmpz_mod_2exp.

 - Fix Random.xs so that it compiles with gmp-4 (not just gmp-5).
   Thanks Rob Kuo (https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=58501)

 - Add proper coverage of random functions
 - Add Rmpz_snprintf and Rmpz_snprintf_ret
 - If there's no variable to be formatted, Rmpz_(f/s)printf no longer
   need to be supplied with a dummy variable.
 - Some buggy tests in printf.t hopefully fixed.

 Requires gmp-4.2.0 or later.
 In response to bug http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=46499:
 - Amendment to Makefile.PL wrt 'long long' and 'long double' support.
 - Remove reliance on $Config{use64bitint} in t/new.t and t/out_str.t
 - Add some MAC OS X notes to README and fix some typos.

 In response to bug http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=46603
 - In Rmpz_get_d_2exp, change data type of 'exp' from unsigned to signed.

 In response to bug http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=46604
 - Fix ___GMP__CC() and ___GMP_CFLAGS() so that they return undef
   if __GMP_CC and __GMP_CFLAGS are not defined by the gmp library.

 Thanks, Bob Kuo and Jonathan Leto.

 - Requires gmp-4.2.3 or later
 - Remove (the need for) INLINE.h
 - Change Rmpz_sprintf to return the number of characters written.
 - Change Rmpz_sizeinbase and Rmpz_size to return unsigned longs instead
   of signed long ints.
   __GMP_CC and __GMP_CFLAGS
 - Change Rmpz_scan0 and Rmpz_scan1 to return unsigned long. (Returning a
   signed long int was wrong.)
 - Change Rmpz_printf() so that, like its fprintf and sprintf counterparts,
   it formats only one variable at a time.
 - Fix bug in Rmpz_init_set_str (and Rmpz_init_set_str_nobless) that led to
   a segfault if string was invalid (ie if mpz_init_set_str() returned true).

 - Add Rmpz_fprintf, Rmpz_sprintf and Rmpz_sprintf_ret.
 - Add Rmpz_out_raw and Rmpz_inp_raw.

 - Add TRmpz_out_str and TRmpz_inp_str.
 - Rmpz_out_str now takes an optional (leading) string argument - a
   string that will be prepended to the mpz_out_str() output.
 - Remove the tests in the Makefile.PL that test for the presence of
   a suitable compiler and GMP library.
 - Remove the "homegrown" primes and supplementary functions from the
   list of exportable functions. (They don't really belong here.) Also
   remove the documentation pertaining to these functions from the POD.
   This is done in preparation for the eventual removal of these
   functions from Math::GMPz. For the time being, however, these
   functions are still available via their fully-qualified names - and
   they're still being tested in the test suite.

 - Rewrite new()
 - Rmpz_out_str() now takes an optional third argument - a string that
   will be appended to the mpz_out_str() output. Also stdout is
   fflush()'d each time Rmpfr_out_str() is called.
 - The overload functions and new() can now handle a long double value

 - Add "Name" section to the pod
 - Remove 'Makefile.old' from the source. (Doh !!)

 - First CPAN release
 - No longer assign Exporter and DynaLoader to @Math::GMPz::ISA.
 - Add support for use64bitint
 - add new() function/method to facilitate initialization/assignment