See the GitHub repository for a list of individual changes. [1] As of
the 1.06 release this document only lists high level changes.


Sun Nov 10 15:39:39 PST 2013

	Release 1.06.

	New 'mydist' Makefile target to sign and build a tarball.


	Correctly set $VERSION that doesn't trigger warnings:

	Update documentation to include the URL to the project's new
	source code repository at

	Update author contact email address.

Tue Aug 24 11:28:45 PDT 1999

	Release 1.05.

Tue Aug 24 11:28:19 PDT 1999

	Make the module work with Perl 5.004_01.

Tue Aug 17 11:42:49 PDT 1999

	Release 1.04.

Tue Aug 17 11:42:26 PDT 1999

	Add one more test to check if a properly sorted array can be
	created using interval_search.

Tue Aug 17 11:12:12 PDT 1999

	Release 1.03.

Tue Aug 17 11:07:53 PDT 1999

	Update the POD documentation in Math::IntervalSearch.  It was not
	correctly listing the interval_search function, rather it was
	listing a function named interval.

Thu Apr  8 10:20:30 PDT 1999 <> (Blair Zajac)

	Have ok() in t/*.t return the success or failure of the
	test instead of the number of tests performed.

	Release 1.02.

Mon Dec 28 12:35:33 PST 1998 <> Blair Zajac

	Add some more documentation for Math::IntervalSearch.

	Update all email addresses from to

	Version 1.01.

Wed Nov 18 09:01:13 PST 1998 <> Blair Zajac

	Change name of interval to interval_search.

	Change "return;" of interval_search to "return -1;" when an
	empty array is passed in.

	Spell check the documentation.

	Version 1.00.
Wed Aug  5 13:58:40 PDT 1998 <> Blair Zajac

	Version 0.01.
	First version copied from the Borp source tree.