Revision history for Perl module Math::NV
    - Move POD to separate file (NV.pod)
    - cater correctly for subnormal values in is_eq_mpfr() and nv_mpfr()
    - add set_C() and set_mpfr
    - make Math::MPFR-4.02 a prerequisite

    - Update nv_mpfr() to accommodate IEEE 754 quad long double type.
    - Small alteration to output of is_eq() and is_eq_mpfr(). (In the
      event of discrepancy, they now identify which value belongs to
      which method.)

    - Correct tests in t/07nv_mpfr.t.

    - Add nv_mpfr() and is_eq_mpfr() functions. (Also added $Math::NV::no_mpfr.)
    - Add $Math::NV::no_warn; and check is_arg(), is_arg_mpfr(), nv_mpfr() and nv()
      for non-string args.

    - Change tack to concentrate on simply checking that the Math::NV functions
      work correctly, and don't worry about trying to uncover discrepancies between
      respective values assigned by perl and C. (This calls for a major change of
      the test suite, and a small change to the documentation.)
    - Remove Data::Float dependency.
    - Remove mant2binary() and mant_str2binary(). (They were incorrect, and unnecessary.)

    - Make corrections to POD documentation.
    - Remove Data::Float::DoubleDouble from list of prereqs on doubledouble builds
      (as that module already lists this module as a prereq).

    - Accommodate nvtype of __float128
    - Remove the 2nd arg (flag) from ld2binary() and ld_str2binary(). (Now takes
      only one argument.)
    - In t/07ld2binary.t, attempt to make allowances for locale settings of
      decimal point.
    - Add t/07ld2binary_doubledouble.t

    - Add extra diagnostics to t/07ld2binary.t in an attempt to determine
      the cause of the failures that occur on some machines.

    - Minor rewrite of _ld2binary and _ld_str2binary to work with doubles
      as well as long doubles
    - Add bin2val function
    - Add Cprintf and Csprintf functions

    - Add t/10exponent_0_to_12.t.
    - Add metadata to Makefile.PL.

    - Add 08compiler_bugs.t and 09list_context.t.
    - Add is_eq(), mant2binary() and mant_str2binary() functions,
      along with test scripts 06is_eq.t and 07mant2binary.t.
    - Rewrite 04mpfr_str_checks.t and 05mpfr_nv_checks.t.
    - nv() can now be called in either scalar or array context,
      like POSIX::strtod().

0.01 2013-11-01
    - First release to CPAN