=head1 Math::Primality Release Summaries

=head2 0.05

 The AKS primality test (also known as Agrawal–Kayal–Saxena primality test) was implemented
 in Math::Primality::AKS.


=head2 0.04

 a version for everyone!

=head2 0.03

=head3 0.03_03


=head3 0.03_02

 optimizations and code cleanup

=head3 0.03_01

 is_prime(), next_prime(), prev_prime() and prime_count()

=head3 0.03_00

 is_strong_lucas_pseudoprime() implemented

=head2 0.02

 documentation and house keeping cleanups

=head2 0.01 - Initial Release

 is_pseudoprime() and is_strong_pseudoprime() implemented