Revision history for Perl extension Math::Prime::FastSieve.

0.19 2013-07-26
  - Fixed a POD formatting issue.
  - Renamed the ranged_primes test in t/03sieve_object.t to make it easier to
  - Added examples/ to show how to use the method.
0.18 2012-12-07
  - C++ code improvemenets (readability via typedef, pre-increment

0.17 2012-11-24
  - Fixed #RT81399: count_sieve()'s cached value was being clobbered by calls
    to primes().  Closes #RT81399.
  - Added t/13synopsis.t to test the POD synopsis code (which turned out to
    exercise the bug reported in #RT81399).

0.16 2012-11-23
  - Fixed a versioning issue that was preventing CPAN indexing.
  - Minor POD revisions.
  - Added tests for META.*

0.15 2012-11-20
  - Added a test to the nth_prime tests.
  - is_prime() is now an alias for the isprime() method.

0.14 2012-11-02
  - "Changes" is now CPAN::Changes::Spec compliant
  - Added t/09changes.t
  - Moved t/09primes_test.t to t/10primes_test.t

0.13 2012-09-17
  - Switched the sieve member data from explicit dynamic allocation (pointer)
    to STL-handled allocation (no explicit pointers involved).
  - Converted constructor to use an initializer list instead of in-body

0.12 2012-05-30
  - Fixed version number consistancy.
  - Bumped version number to 0.12.

0.11 2012-05-30
  - Memory and speed performance improvements contributed by Dana Jacobsen:
    Represent only odds in the bit sieve (halving the size).
  - Improved type safety (explicitly specify UL and static casting of
    size_type to UL where it makes sense to do so).
  - Added proper (modern) C++ class member data initializers.
  - now perlcritic friendly at all severity levels.
  - Worked through a bunch of Perl::Critic issues in the test suite.

0.10 2012-05-24
  - Added an END{} block with code that will satisfy Inline so that no
    warnings are generated if M::P::FS is "require"d instead of "use"d.
    (Issue raised by Dana Jacobsen, patch by Sisyphus -- Thanks all!)
  - Patched both implementations of the Primes Sieve of Eratosthenes to
    increment inner loop j+=2 instead of ++j.  This optimization yields a
    substantial performance increase (in the area of 20-30%) for the
    exported 'primes()' function, for example. ( Suggestion from
    Dana Jacobsen ).
  - Converted all subs to accept longs instead of ints as parameters, as
    well as to return longs.  That means for Perls compiled with long
    support, the prime sieve can go past 2.7 billion. ( Again, thanks to
    Dana Jacobsen for the suggestion.
  - NOTE: If smoke testing determines that the 'long' support breaks
    compatibility with 32 bit Perls this particular patch may be rolled
    back, or may be implemented as a separate function that only compiles
    into 64 bit Perls.  In this release, 'long' support is experimental.

0.09 2012-05-10
  - Fixed email address in Makefile.PL.  How did I miss that for so long?
  - Added 'META_MERGE => provides' field to Makefile.PL

0.08 2012-05-08
  - Inline::CPP version requirement is now 0.39.
  - Inline and Inline::C requirement is now v0.50.
  - Explicit version number requirements for ExtUtils::MakeMaker and
  - MIN_PERL_VERSION meta tag now used instead of 'use 5.006000;' at the top
    of Makefile.PL.  This is cleaner and nicer.
  - Added optional RELEASE_TESTING tests for Perl::Critic, Test::Pod,
    and Test::Pod::Coverage.

0.07 2012-02-07
  - Bump Inline::CPP version requirement to 0.34 to gain broader
    install success.  Inline::CPP v0.33 was failing for a lot of smokers.
    V0.34 seems to be much better in that regard, so by requiring that
    version more smokers will be able to set up M::P::FS.

0.06 2012-01-20
  - Fixed "world writable" directories (that's what I get for preparing
    a distro via Windows.

0.05 2012-01-20
  - Repaired test suite (mistakenly omitted from previous distribution).
  - Converted all C++ subs to type-safe unsigned ints and
    std::vector<bool>::size_type to eliminate potential for signed
    roll-over errors.  Note: input params are still signed ints because
    pure-Perl offers no means of creating an SV containing a UV.

0.04 2011-12-14
  - Listed Inline::MakeMaker as both a BUILD_REQUIRES and a
    CONFIG_REQUIRES so that the various installation tools (cpan, cpanm,
    cpanplus) pull in the module prior to running Makefile.PL.
  - Documentation improvements.
  - Added a few more tests.
  - Set minimum Perl version to 5.6.0.  If this causes smoke test failures
    I will revert to 5.8.0 again.

0.03 2011-12-13
  - Revisions to the documentation.
  - Listed Inline as a build dependency in an effort to get better
    successful install rate, particularly among people who haven't
    already installed Inline.  This should deal with the issue that
    Inline::MakeMaker isn't found, causing Makefile.PL to abort.
  - Added ranged_primes() method.
  - Added tests for ranged_primes method.

0.02 2011-12-11
  - Fixed minimum Perl version: was 5.14.2.  Now 5.8.0.

0.01 2011-12-10
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
  -PAXn Math::Prime::FastSieve