Revision history for Perl extension Math::Trig::Units.

0.01  Mon Dec 23 14:09:47 2002
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
        -X Math::Trig::Degree

0.02 Tue Dec 24
    - modified code to generate a base class Math::Trig::Units
      with subclasses Math::Trig::Radian, Math::Trig::Degree and

0.03 Fri Dec 27
    - removed hard coded value for pi and substituted atan2(1,1)*4 which
      imporves accuracy.
    - deleted kludge approx and zero functions as a result of above change
    - thanks to Tom Anderson
    - changed default units to radians as Math::Trig::Units will likely be
      renamed Math::Trig