Revision history for Math-Utils

	10 Apr 2020
	- Add the function softmax(). Currently in the :utility tag
	  group, which may be too generic. We'll see what else gets
	  added later and adjust the tagging then.
	- New functions uniform_scaling(), and uniform_01scaling(),
	  contributed by Gene Boggs (GENE).
	- Typo found by Miguel Prz (NICEPERL) fixed.

	30 Oct 2018
	- Add function pl_translate(), by request.
	- Turn README into With MetaCPAN replacing CPAN,
	  there is no reason to have a plain-text README anymore
	  (MetaCPAN doesn't treat the file as special).
	- Add a file, which is becoming a thing.
	- New test file for pl_translate(), and upgrade test files
	  that for some reason were still using Test::Simple to Test::More.
	- Added an :all tag. Why not.
	26 Jun 2018
	- Typo found by Florian Schlichting fixed.
	- Add gcd() and lcm() functions.
	- New example scripts (a couple transferred over from
	  Math::Polynomial::Solve) in the new eg/ directory.
	11 Aug 2017
	- Stupidly depended on Module::Start's boilerplate text for the
	  license, which points to a differently worded license text
	  from what I've got in the LICENSE file. Changed that.
	10 May 2017
	- Extended pl_evaluate() to allow lists of values for the X terms.
	  Lists may be of values or of ARRAY refs.
	- Added tests in 16-evaluate.t for the list cases.
	11 May 2016
	- New function fsum(), using Kahan's summation algorithm.
	- Added tests in 17-derivative-eval.t to check for the
	  linear polynomial and the constant-only polynomial.
	  (They passed, but until now those cases hadn't been tested.)
	- Extend the documentation for pl_div(), emphasizing the
	  need to remove leading zeros.
	24 Feb 2016
	- Inlined the comparison functions of generate_relational().
	- Default tolerance was just under square root of (an) epsilon,
	  changed to to just over.
	- Updated 01-compare.t to test edge cases.
	- Added a log2() function, because why not.
	23 Nov 2015
	- Search using indicated that floor() and ceil()
	  functions weren't defined in general-purpose modules (and
	  the modules they were in were pretty heavy-weight). Decided
	  to add them to the module.
	- Repeated modulus of a number was worth making into
	  utility function moduli().
	7 Oct 2015
	- The if statements were laid out in generate_fltcmp in
	  a way that could return a -1 (less than) when the two
	  values were actually equal within tolerance. Changed this.
	- Renamed some test files so that the compare test comes
	25 Sep 2015
	- Bug in pl_derivative() for linear equation case.
	- Added test cases to cover it.
	20 Sep 2015
	- I had bumped the version number everywhere but in the module
	  itself. This will probably complicate something, so
	  fix this everywhere with a version 1.04.
	- Add a flipsign() function to the :utility list.
	- More documention clean-up. Mention Math::VecStat
	  in the SEE ALSO.
	18 Sep 2015
	- Put :fortran tagged functions copysign() and log10()
	  in the :utility tagging. The :fortran tag sticks around
	- New function pl_dxevaluate() for returning the y, dy,
	  d2y values of the polynomial at x.
	- New test files for pl_evaluate() and pl_dxevaluate().
	15 Sep 2015
	- Documentation error in pl_div() (mis-named variables
	  in the example).
	- Extended the SEE ALSO paragraph.
	- Very minor code clean-up in pl_antiderivative().
	5 Sep 2015
	- I had left test file 15-objcoeff.t off the MANIFEST list. Oops.
	- Embarrassing number of grammatical and spelling errors fixed.
	- Clarified a couple of examples, and extended the
	  pl_antiderivative() documentation with respect to the
	  constant term.
	- Version bump; up to CPAN.
	3 Sep 2015
	- Added the coefficient list functions for addition, subtraction,
	  division, multiplication, derivative, antiderivative,
	  and evaluation (via Horner's method) of polynomials without
	  actually creating a polynomial object.
	- Added the tests for the above operations.
	30 Aug 2015
	- CPAN testers caught a 5.10ism in the module, which is
	  listed as okay for version 5.8. Decided to bump the
	  minimum version requirement to 5.10.1.
	- Documentation was sketchy, so added more descriptive
	  text and examples.
	- Version bump; up to CPAN.
	18 Aug 2015
	- Collection of utility functions for Math modules, starting
	  with the functions of Math-Fortran as a base.