Revision history for McBain

2.001000  2015-01-05 20:29:00+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Improvement: in contextual mode, if McBain doesn't find a context class under
	  the root package, it will go up the package hierarchy until it finds one. For
	  example, if the root package is Some::API, then McBain will try Some::API::Context,
	  then Some::Context, then finally Context. This was added to allow the sharing of
	  the same context class in a project comprised of several APIs.

2.000002  2014-08-19 19:23:26+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Bugfix _break_path

2.000001  2014-08-19 19:05:15+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Small documentation bugfix

2.000000  2014-08-19 18:54:35+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Changed the way runner modules are used. The MCBAIN_WITH environment
	  variable is no longer used. Instead, the name of the runner module is
	  passed when loading the API. See README for more details.

1.003000  2014-08-03 20:29:20+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added support for pre routes and post routes, see README
	  for details

1.002000  2014-07-28 23:46:31+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added support for a new, "contextual" mode, see README
	  for details
	- Fixed yet another bug with _find_root returning the
	  wrong package in certain situations

1.001001  2014-01-28 21:34:46 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Fixed bug with _find_root returning the wrong package
	  when the API doesn't start at a root package

1.001000  2013-12-20 15:17:23 Asia/Jerusalem
	- Added support for OPTIONS requests
	- Documentation fixes

1.000000  2013-12-19 00:51:35 Asia/Jerusalem
	- First public release