2007-05-05 v0.06 Tels 29 tests
  * require Graph::Easy 0.55
  * remove tabs and form-feeds from output
  * fixlinks in the form of L</foo> to not contain spurious quotes
  * prevent an endless loop in the crude HTML parsing to remove newlines
  * add support for "graph-common" sections
  * add second parameter (space replacement char) to keyword_search_url()
  * "graph" sections at the very end were silently dropped
  * Fix the failing basic tests. They were failing since the test used another
    Perl than the one that the tested script had, thus not finding Graph::Easy
    from the temp. test setup - thanx David Cantrell for figuring this out!

2007-03-18 v0.05 Tels 17 tests
  * require Graph::Easy 0.54
  * some fixes for "=begin graph .. =end graph" sections
  * keywords are now linked to a search engine
  * add keyword_search_url() to set the URL for the keyword links

2007-03-11 v0.04 Tels 17 tests
  * require Graph::Easy
  * convert "=begin graph .. =end graph" to HTML-graphs
  * add some options to Mediawiki::POD
    + remove_newlines(): default to true
    + body_only(): default to true
  * headlines with spaces in them are now correctly linked from the TOC
  * the TOC nesting is now correct
  * we handle X<keywords> and generate them with their own div and span

2007-03-09 v0.03 Tels 11 tests
  * rewrite the plugin code to use pipes instead of the commandline,
    this makes it work with inputs of any size. Unfortunately, it
    generates a hard dependency on PHP 4 (or PHP 5, depending). Ugh.
  * we need to replace newlines inside <pre> sections with <br>
  * hopefully fix the failing tests due to Pod::Simple::HTML missing
  * create a subclass of Pod::Simple::HTML, this makes it possible
    to create a table of contents (collapsable with JS)
  * clean up some of the generated HTML of unwanted junk

2007-03-03 v0.02 Tels 1 tests
  * replace newlines by spaces, otherwise sentences are stuck together
  * remove unwanted HTML (like the <head> section, <body>, comments etc.)
  * fix the warning about undefined variable

2007-03-02 v0.01 Tels 1 tests
  * first version