0.005  2015-04-01 17:26:00+01:00 Europe/Vienna
  - Fix TLS support

0.004  2015-04-01 16:53:00+01:00 Europe/Vienna
  - Add support for making queues auto-delete.
  - Add support for making queues exclusive.
  - Add documentation to roles.
  - Add TLS support
  - Fix die on AMQP server restart (RT#87705)
  - Fix docs regarding supported AMQP protocol versions (RT#94388)

  - Use core Message::Passing::Role::HasHostnameAndPort
  - Use core Message::Passing::Role::HasUsernameAndPassword
  - username, password, hostname attributes no longer default
    to a values, and must be user supplied.

  - Fix SYNOPSIS in documentation.
  - Add timeouts to tests to avoid hangs when they fail.
  - Fix for latest version of Message::Passing.
  - Emit warnings if output is a perl ref (i.e. hasn't
    been correctly serialized/encoded)

  - Initial barely working version