RHESA / Method-Signatures-Simple-1.07 / Changes

Revision history for Method-Signatures-Simple

1.07    2013-01-20  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Fix RT80510: empty methods returning @_

1.06    2013-01-20  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Fix a test so it passes on 5.10

1.05    2013-01-18  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Fix RT80507: keep perl's idea of line number
        intact when mangling multi-line signatures

1.04    2013-01-17  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Fix RT80505: allow comments in multiline

1.03    2013-01-17  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Fix RT80508: allow space between invocant
        and colon

1.02    2011-09-01  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Avoid uninitialized warning.

1.01    2011-08-31  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Add func keyword for subs with signatures.
        Thanks to Chip Salzenberg.

0.06    2010-06-11  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Documented the import arguments.

0.05    2010-01-07  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Added repository to META.yml. No code changes.

0.04    2010-01-07  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Not released, dzil.ini cockup

0.03    2009-01-11  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Converted dist-maint to Dist::Zilla.
        Put the dist on github

0.02    2008-10-25  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        Bumped prereq of Devel::Declare

0.01    2008-10-23  Rhesa Rozendaal <rhesa@cpan.org>
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

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