Revision history for Perl module Module::CPANTS::Generator.

0.006 Sat Sep  6 10:13:31 BST 2003
	- get better match for the main module in a distribution for
	  the description getting, spotted by Pierre Denis
	- new metrics: uses info
	- bug fixes for win32 POD
	- more caching
	- report POD errors
	- use Pod::Simple::TextContent to properly parse POD and
	  get an accurate count of the lines
        - download the testers database from instead
          of doing it ourselves. unfortunately this means that we lose
          the number of tests as promised
	- the module is now being maintained by Thomas Klausner

0.005 Sun Apr 27 10:25:28 BST 2003
	- incorporated patch by Casey West to get the number of lines
	  of comments in a distribution
	- moved from YAML to Data::Dumper
	- remoeved DBD::SQLite from prereqs as we're not using it yet

0.004 Mon Apr 21 19:25:18 BST 2003
	- incorporated patches by Richard Clamp to refactor the code
	  and a new metric: lines of pod vs. lines of code

0.003 Sun Apr 13 15:59:42 BST 2003
	- include CPAN testers data

0.002 Wed Apr  2 22:02:59 BST 2003
	- now kept in a subversion repository
	- now get description from the POD of the main module in the
	  distribution if it's not in the modules list

0.001 Sat Mar 29 16:23:33 GMT 2003
	- released initial version, now seperated from Module::CPANTS