$Id: Changelog 2005/09/23 20:14 $

version 0.06 (2011/01/22):

    - Refactored Perl code a little; got rid of Crypt.xs
    - RC4 encryption is now dependent on Crypt::RC4
    - Rewrote data generation code in Perl
    - Added random padding before password, after password and after
      module text; the whole data block is rounded up to 512 bytes
    - Added ability to use arbitrary password
    - Added password XORing in resulting shared object
    - Added debugger check; if it's on and we're running under debugger,
      XS code will die the flaming death
    - Added option to run arbitrary Perl code *before* main module code
      gets unencrypted. Additional code is also encrypted with RC4.

version 0.05 (2009/09/30):

    - worked only on Mac, because .bundle, but not .so was moved (patch by Slaven Rezić)
    - uses File::Copy::move to be more portable

version 0.04 (2005/10/12):

	- removed Module::Build requirement
	- added support for multiple files
	- major rewrite and better handling of temp files

version 0.03 (2005/09/23):

	- now subclassing Module::Build
	- fixed some weird architecture dependent paths

version 0.02 (2005/09/23):

	- improved documentation
	- fixed bad memory allocation
	- fixed test 01

version 0.01 (2005/09/22):

	- new (STATUS: experimental)