Revision history for Module-Depends-Tree

1.00    Thu Nov 23 22:19:04 CST 2006


Fixed my incorrect use of LWP::UserAgent.

deptree now creates the temp directory before using it.

The module list is now sorted strictly by module name, not the
number of uses.

Added a package list that shows all the modules used in that package.

0.02    Sun Aug 20 09:54:14 CDT 2006

Fixed the dependencies in Makefile.PL.  How embarrassing for a
dependency tool to have bad dependencies!

0.01    Sat Aug 19 23:48:49 CDT 2006

This is a tool for digging into dependencies and showing a snazzy
little tree.  I needed it to figure out all the dependencies in
Socialtext Open (

It's very rough, and not very generalized.  Patches and input