-   v0.3.0  Wed May  9 09:11:35 CDT 2018

    Bump version number to try and find out why this fails for
    lack of a module that isn't required. Failure notices call
    out File::Copy::Recursive, which is not used in the Makefile.PL,
    module, or test code. File::Copy::Recursive is not installed 
    here and the tests all pass... but the tests fail for lack of
    it on the smoke systems. Only thing I can figure is that they
    are testing a stale copy of the module. Hopefully bumping the
    version will solve the issue.

    Add test to use File::Find to walk down the tree grep-ing
    "File::Copy::Recursive" and dumping the result along with 
    the module version to try and see what is going on.

-   v0.22.1 Fri May  4 21:05:12 UTC 2018

    Change version dir test to simply existing with matching
    basename to avoid issues with volume and path manglement
    on Windows.

-   v0.22.0 Wed May  2 12:16:00 CDT 2018

    Break up find call into separate blocks to find out why
    5.20 blows up with it; 5.26 is entirely happy.

    File::Copy::Recursive may still have problems; revert to 

-   v0.21.0 Mon Apr 30 15:14:58 CDT 2018

    Repair Makefile.PL, version spec's lost in the 
    regression at v0.20.

-   v0.20.1  Fri Apr 27 18:47:30 CDT 2018

    Makefile.PL cleanups.

-   v0.20.0  Thu Apr 26 22:45:15 CDT 2018

    Bump version.

-   v0.11   Tue Apr 24 17:34:45 CDT 2018

    Add back file-based tests for a variety of version 

    Replace join on '/' with File::Spec::Functions to allow
    use on systems with volumes -- anyone with VMS kindly 
    test this for me.

    Removed anything git-ish from the module & tests.

-   v0.10  Sun Apr 22 19:08:47 CDT 2018

    There is simply no way to get a consistent shell interface to 
    git across different platforms; every fix for one breaks another.
    Going back to the original approach of supporting only the 
    perl-version dir's, which has reliably worked throughout.

-   v0.0.1  Sun Feb 18 14:19:59 CST 2018

    Initial kwikhak... ah... er... "relase", yes,
    that's the word release.