Revision history for Module-Install-ExtraTests

0.008     2012-12-29
          fix a documentation/code mismatch on VERSION (thanks, ETHER)

0.007     2010-04-23
          Only call the custom MakeMaker methods if the Makefile.PL actually
          used (by FLORA)

0.006     2008-12-11
          fix 0.005's change for Win32 (patch by FLORA, report by Taro Nishino)

0.005     2008-12-02
          enable AUTHOR_TESTING env var (patch by FLORA)

0.004     2008-10-22
          stop dying when ./xt doesn't exist (requested by FLORA)

0.003     2008-04-13
          remove space accidentally inserted into variable name
            (thanks, Taro Nishino!)

0.002     2008-04-11
          fix the way the custom harness is located so it works for users
          without Module::Install installed; thanks to smoke test report from

0.001     2008-04-10
          first release