0.40 2018-03-02
 - Add . to @INC for "make initdb" to help Perl 5.26+ load etc/initialdata

0.39 2017-02-20
- Support `remove_files => 1` parameter to force unlinking of files
  provided by previous versions

0.38 2016-07-14
 - Support `INSTALLDIRS=vendor`
 - Properly honor `$DESTDIR` at `make install` time

0.37 2014-12-24
 - Add the Module::Install::ReadmeFromPod dependency

0.36 2014-09-02
 - Add deprecated_rt and no_readme_generation flags to RTx()
 - Alter the right structures when requires_rt_plugin is called twice

0.35 2014-07-28
 - No changes since 0.34_05

0.34_05 2014-07-14
 - Apply consistent transformations to RTHOME as we do when prompting
 - Check Debian request-tracker4 install location by default as well

0.34_04 2014-06-26
 - Automatically generate a README

0.34_03 2014-06-19
 - Stop runtime code from clearing out inc/ if run as an author

0.34_02 2014-06-19
 - Fix requires_rt_plugin
 - Standardize error messages for rt_too_new and requires_rt

0.34_01 2014-06-19
 - Remove RT 3.8-specific code
 - Update documentation to reflect 3.8-era Plugin world order
 - Add requires_rt_plugin helper
 - Remove WITH_SUBDIRS support
 - Remove non-working PREFIX support
 - Add RT version information to META.yml
 - Default minimum perl version based on minimum RT version
 - Tidy Changes file

0.34 2014-05-20
 - Backcompat workaround so you can ship static/css and static/js and on
   4.0 we copy to html/NoAuth/{css,js}.  Isn't a full win for images which
   needed a dhandler hack under 4.0.

0.33 2014-03-17
 - Better error message when requires_rt dies
 - Release a pent up set of changes now that they've been tested

0.32_02 2014-02-10
 - Avoid some false positives that would offer a make upgrade-database
   which cannot work.

0.32_01 2014-01-10
 - Now that we aren't packaging extensions against 3.6, we can use
   cmp_versions imported from RT core rather than copy/paste.
 - new rt_too_new which allows you to bail out before being installed on a
   version of RT which is too new for you to function normally on
   (corollary to requires_rt).
 - requires_rt now dies if your RT is too old rather than just warning.

0.32 2013-09-06
 - new make upgrade-database command; this feature needs RT 4.2 or
   4.0.14+ for maximum benefit, and is used in the RTIR 3.0 release

0.31 2013-04-08
 - Use the DatabaseAdmin configuration if supplied
 - Install /static/ on future 4.2 versions of RT

0.30 2012-11-06
 - remove a lot of old unused code
 - add support for a 4.1 feature that records database changes made by the

0.29_02 2012-08-16
 - further removal of make factory, this time 'make dropdb'

0.29_01 2012-08-16
 - Remove support for 'make factory'
 - Add support for a new 4.1 feature that records database changes made by
   the extension

0.29 2011-05-20
 - add requires_rt to handle requiring an RT version since MakeMaker and
   Module::Install::AutoInstall can't deal with RT version numbers.

0.28 2011-03-15
 - search /opt/rt4 for RT.pm

0.27 2010-12-16
 - Include RT's lib/ directory in INC so that requires() on RT::VERSION
   work properly

0.26 2010-12-14
 - Search RTHOME before searching @INC This works around distribution
   packages lurking in @INC

0.25 2009-10-08
 - Make prompt for lib path clearer [rt.cpan.org #50328
 - trim RT.pm from lib paths entered by users

0.24 2008-09-15
 - updated docs
 - die when target is RT 3.8.0
 - install libs only into one path, don't double-install them on RT 3.8.x
 - delete VERSION from POD, we just always forget to update it

0.23 2008-05-09
 - RT now respects the --datafile flag to rt-setup-database when used with
   --action acl or --action schema. Don't pass the initialdata file when
   we're doing schema changes

0.22 2008-03-25
 - Add local lib path to the @INC when we call any script that may load RT

0.21 2007-12-07
 - LICENSING CHANGE: This compilation and all individual files in it are
   now under the permissive "MIT" license.  See the COPYRIGHT section in
   README for the new terms.
 - Cleanup on POD, changelog, README, etc.
 - Bump dependency of Module::Install::Admin to 0.40, so we can make use of
   all_from() and drop the parentheses in Makefile.PL commands.

0.20 2007-12-05
 - Support for new RT 3.7 "RT Plugin" mechanism.
 - No longer tries to write to the global local perl man and site
   directories (packlists and manpages), instead installing them within the
   RT hierarchy.

0.11 2005-02-26
 - make initdb now prompts for dba password.

0.10 2004-09-09
 - "make initialize-database" added as an alias to "make initdb", for
   better consistency with core RT installation. Reported by: Sika.

0.09 2004-09-09
 - Moved under SVK management; remove all keyword expansion lines.
 - Corrected the use of $ENV{RTHOME} and documented it.

0.08 2004-05-31
 - "make initdb" now moved to M::I::RTx::Factory, so the person running
   "perl Makefile.PL" needs not have permission to read RT_SiteConfig.pm.
 - M::I::RTx::Factory now survives pod-stripping.
 - Jesse reports that RTx('RT-Foo-Bar') breaks.
 - Improve table detection in Pg.
 - Better handling failed require() on _Overlay classes in the factory.

0.07 2004-05-13
 - Need to use RT::LoadConfig instead of requiring the config files
   directly. Reported by: Jesse Vincent

0.06 2004-05-10
 - Support "make factory", "make initdb", "make dropdb" for extensions that
   has its own initialdata and schema.

0.05 2004-02-01
 - Now installs libs to $RT::LocalPath/lib instead of perl's sitelib.
 - Now properly skips lib installation when WITH_SUBDIRS does not include
 - Allow overriding prefix with $ENV{PREFIX}

0.04 2004-01-10
 - Update copyright years.
 - Make var/ directory writable
 - Some people insist on doing "make initialize-database" before "make
 - Add etc/initialdata insertion.
 - Take care of "inplace" layout by also probing in lib/RT.pm.
 - Now takes WITH_SUBDIRS to restrict the subdirectories to install.
 - Some POD cleanups.

0.01 2003-12-15
 - Initial release.