# Changes for Module::Release

2.11 - Sun Sep 14 15:44:06 2014
	* various small fixups

2.09 - Tue Aug 26 14:23:04 2014
	* Release the Andriod fix

2.08 - Mon Jan  6 03:11:03 2014
	* Add a vcs_exit() at the end so a repository can do
	post-release tasks (such as a `git push`)

2.07_01 - Sat Jan  4 06:47:03 2014
	* Update Mojo::UserAgent for transactor changes in 4.50

2.07 - Tue Dec 17 10:07:20 2013
	* Bump to a release version

2.06_06 - Sat Dec 14 10:52:35 2013
	* Update for Mojo 4 (not that big of a change :)

2.06_05 - Thu Dec 12 23:10:55 2013
	* Don't try so hard to check perl on Windows

2.06_04 - Sun Feb 10 06:14:47 2013
	* PAUSE turned off FTP, so I switch to using a Mojo web uploader

2.06_02 - Wed Jul 18 12:28:49 2012
	* Add =encoding to Pod sections to avoid new Pod::Simple warnings

2.06_01 - Mon Dec 19 17:01:05 2011
	* Quash some warnings while loading mixins

2.06 - Mon Dec 19 14:47:15 2011
	* Bumping to a stable release

2.05_07 - Wed Nov 30 12:29:33 2011
	* Handle point versions RT  #72845 (WULEE)

2.05_06 - Sun Jul 24 23:30:37 2011
	* Handle the latest in LWP, using LWP::Protocol::https and
	the new CACertOrg::CA to supply the cert for PAUSE.
	* Add a -C command-line option to skip updating the Changes
	file, it the case of a failed upload.

2.05_05 - Sat Jul 16 01:10:37 2011
	* Handle Module::Build
	* Some Windows stuff is still broken

2.05_04 - Mon Apr 18 12:03:31 2011
	* Add LWP::UserAgent prereq: now not in the same distro
	as HTTP::*!

2.05_02 - Sat Apr 16 12:05:58 2011
	* Two features from H.Merijn Brand: if a test fails under
	debugging, try harder with prove
	* Add the allow_glob_in_perls to specify a pattern for paths
	for the perls option.

2.05_01 - Tue Sep 22 22:23:11 2009
	* Let's start checking MANIFEST to ensure we didn't forget
	anything. This might be annoying the first time since 
	make manifest might re-order your file and you have to
	recommit it.

2.05 - Mon Jun 15 04:05:31 2009
	* Fixes to SVN status pattern matching
	* Set build file names in config, if you like

2.04_03 - Wed Jun 10 01:50:35 2009
	* RT 46696: Fix parsing of SVN output, handle makefile config
	directives as documented.

2.04_01 - Tue Mar 24 04:55:40 2009
	* Add experimental ignore_prereqs option to pass on to Test::Prereqs

2.04 - Tue Mar 24 04:07:54 2009
	* Use a platform-specific version of devnull

2.03 - Sun Mar 22 06:10:45 2009
	* Treat Test::Prereq and Module::CPANTS::Analysse as
	optional dependencies. They were before, but now you get
	a nicer error message.

2.02 - Sat Feb  7 17:30:30 2009
	* Fix the command runner for the SVN.pm. SVN.pm is otherwise
	neglected since I've stopped using SVN but I will accept
	* The run.t patch undefs PATH before it looks for commands

2.01 - Tue Nov 25 10:37:03 2008
	A bump to a release version

2.00_07 - Thu Nov  6 23:11:04 2008
	* Changes the methods with "cvs" in the name to be "vcs" instead.
	The old names came from the time I used CVS, but no one does
	that anymore. "vcs" is for Version Control System.

2.00_06 - Wed Nov  5 00:42:53 2008
	* Fix up a test to work even if the system error message isn't

2.00_05 - Tue Nov  4 04:00:40 2008
	* Added the -a switch to turn on $ENV{AUTOMATED_TESTING}
	* Added the -p switch to turn off prereq tests
	* Added automated_testing to possible config directives
	* The kwalitee directive is now skip_kwalitee
	* There's a skip_prereqs directive

2.00_03 - Fri Aug 15 16:45:23 2008
	* Distro cleanup, no big whoop

2.00_02 - Sat Aug  9 03:41:07 2008
	* The beginning of the new Module::Release. Lots of stuff 
	moved into separate modules to act as mixins. There is a
	lot more testing. 
	* This is still a developer release, so don't get too
	attached to anything just yet.

1.22 - Sun Apr  6 13:13:30 2008
	* BUG FIX: Move kwalitee testing after normal testing, and have
	the kwalitee tests make their own dist to ensure that they
	have it.

1.21 - Sat Apr  5 14:54:20 2008
	* NEW FEATURE: Now test with multiple perls!

1.20 - Tue Nov 20 07:45:51 2007
	* fix dist_version to handle dev versions. Previously it was
	ignoring the _\d+, so the version that showed up in changes
	didn't have the _\d+.

1.19 - Sun Nov 11 04:10:22 2007
	* Sagar Shah noticed I tried to call _die() before I used bless().
	Oops. Fixed.
	* If you have older versions before I started using _die(), you don't
	need to rush to get this version. If you got the latest to use 
	Module::Release::Git, you need to upgrade.

1.18 - Sat Oct 27 22:19:57 2007
	* distro cleanups after moving from CVS to SVN
	* Changes from Torsten Schoenfeld to make get_readme and get_changes
	subclassable (that is, call them as methods like everything else)
	* Require Perl 5.006. I haven't done anything intentional to not
	use Perl 5.005, but I don't want to support that. With CPAN Testers
	going back farther in time now, I have to draw the line somewhere
	just to manage my time well. :)

1.17_01 - Wed Oct  3 21:52:02 2007
	* The output and debugging filehandles come from methods now. 
	This makes it easier to move the output around, or even turn
	it off. I wanted this for Module::Release::Git. The interface
	has some new features, but should be compatible with the older
	* Added some git support to release(1). This should refactor 
	itself out in various ways, but I just need the support right 
	now without going through all the work to make it nice nice.

1.17 - Mon Aug 13 13:43:17 2007
	* distro cleanups - no need to upgrade

1.16 - Thu May  3 10:08:14 2007
	* Fix for test suite problem

1.14 - Fri Mar 16 18:51:26 2007
	* use a temp file for cookies
	* don't test script if M::R::Subversion isn't installed

1.13 - Thu Feb 22 10:16:18 2007
	* Updated the distro for PAUSE indexing problems (my fault)
	* release(1) now detects SVN and loads Module::Release::Subversion 
	to handle it (that's a separate distro, though).
	* release(1) now uses Module::CPANTS::Analyze's cpants_lint.pl
	to check kwalitee. That's also a separate distro.

1.12 - Mon Sep 25 22:38:35 CDT 2006

	* Changes from Ken Williams
	* New 'makefile_PL' and 'makefile' parameters to the new()
	method allow Module::Build-based distributions to work more
	smoothly - set them to 'Build.PL' and 'Build', respectively.
	* The 'release_subclass' parameter to new() is un-deprecated
	* Subclasses previously could not override the new() method
	when invoked via the 'release_subclass' mechanism, now they can.
	* When running under a passive FTP mode, we were telling the
	server to go into passive mode twice, which causes some
	servers to bomb out.  This is fixed.
	* The error message when an FTP PUT operation failed has been
	* System calls made during the release process will now read
	their underlying STDOUT and STDERR using read(), which helps
	you see what's going on when there are interactive steps.
	* The getpass() method will now check for CPAN_PASS and
	SF_PASS values previously set as member variables.  This
	helps users who might want to, for example, look their
	values up in the OS X keychain using a custom subclass.
	* Fixed a couple of minor POD formatting errors.
1.10 - Thu Jun  8 06:51:25 2006
	* Distro cleanup (removed sf_login.t test), fixed doc bug about
	PAUSE, cleansed POD. No need to upgrade.

1.08 - Sat May 20 03:04:01 2006
	* Added MANIFEST checking feature. If `make manifest` has to change
	MANIFEST, check_manifest() dies. You'll have to check in MANIFEST
	before you can go on anyway, so you might as well stop and take a
	look at it (and maybe update MANIFEST.SKIP too). I needed this 
	because although I had a lot of pod_coverage tests lying about, 
	they never made it into the dists because I never added them to
	MANIFEST. Stoopid me.
	* This updates the release(1) script too. Make sure you want this
	feature before you overwrite your old release(1).

1.07 - Wed May 17 21:06:39 2006
	* Minor updates to the distro - no code changes. No need to upgrade

0.25 - Fri Dec 17 15:53:15 CST 2004
	* No changes to functionality.
	* Released only because I (Andy) deleted the latest version,
	  because I thought brian had newer ones, when he didn't.
	  This meant that the indexer got all confused.  I hope this
	  stops people from now wondering "Where did Module::Release go?"
	* Modernized t/pod.t
	* Made tests in t/load.t more inclusive
	* Updated the Makefile.PL

0.24 - Sat Nov 29 09:29:36 2003
	* fixed a problem in Module::Release's check_cvs routine where
	it was not checking each line of output

0.23 - Sun Jun 22 23:40:00 2003 (Andy Lester)
	* All output now goes to the screen if --debug is on.  Thanks to
	Ken Williams.  "High school students."

	* release will show the user all STDOUT of the subprocesses
	  whenever debug is on.  This will prevent the machine from waiting
	  for a response from you because you don't know it's there.

0.22 - Wed Apr  9 16:05:08 2003 (Andy Lester)
	* release will not run if there are any switch errors

	* Added many error checks in ftp_upload.
	* Added some docs on how to find sf_group_id and sf_release_id.

	* Removed a "last CVS" in cvs() method.  It would have
  	  blown up if someone didn't have a CVS directory.

	* Renamed perl() method to build_makefile()

	* Renamed cvs() to check_cvs()

	* Added basic POD docs for the functions

0.21 - Sat Mar 29 16:19:00 2003 (Andy Lester)
	Many more patches, thanks to Ken Williams.  I fear it won't be
	long until Module::Release is sending & receiving mail.

	* release only checks for passwords if they're necessary.
	  This means you don't have to have a password if you're running
	  "release -t" to test.

	* A more complete dependency list in Makefile.PL

	* A new 'release_subclass' config file entry lets you subclass
	  Module::Release.  There's an example in the docs.

	* After FTP upload, we check to see whether the two versions of
	  the file have the same size.	This should catch my FTP-ing bug.

	* The cvs_tag() method now calls make_cvs_tag() to make the
	  tag string.  This lets me override make_cvs_tag() in a subclass.

0.20 - Wed Mar 26 11:05:00 2003 (Andy Lester)
	* Moved all the real work into Module::Release.  Thanks to 
	Ken Williams for doing all the dirty work on this.

	* Fixed the Test::Pod dependency

0.16 - Wed Mar 19 15:38:00 2003 (Andy Lester)
	* No new features
	* Removed the dependency on Test::Pod

0.15 - Fri Mar 14 17:23:30 2003 (Andy Lester)
	* Support for the PERL environment variable.
	* Cleaned up tabs 'n' spaces in the source.  Shouldn't
	  affect anything in how you use the program.

0.14 - Wed Mar 12 10:09:00 2003 (Andy Lester)
	* 0.13 is an incorrect distro.  This is what you want.

0.13 - Wed Mar 12 09:58:00 2003 (Andy Lester)
	Most of these changes are from Max Maischein.  Cross-platform
	compatibility should be a lot better.  Thanks, Max!

	* Prompts for passwords that are not set in the environment.

	* Fixed a bug in checking for required fields

	* Uses "$Config{make}" instead of "make".

	* Moved all backticks into a subroutine "run", that also echoes
	  the command if "-d" is set.

	* Added a check whether the file-to-distribute actually exists,
	  before making the ftp connection.

	* The regex to guess the distname from the tardist output
	  needed some whitespace added to work with Win32.

	* Added support for passive FTP.

0.12 - Thu Mar  6 13:55:47 2003 (Andy Lester)
	Most of the changes in this revision are from Chris Nandor:

	* Add basic help page
	* Add more debugging information (dump `` output)

	* Add command-line switches for help, debug, and test (exits after
	  testing phase)

	* Allow not using either the CPAN or SourceForge.net (but not both)

	* Check cvs exit status

	* Do not update CVS automatically; release will exit if it sees a U
	  anyway, so might as well just let the developer handle it

	* Allow modification of "release name" via regex in .releaserc

	* Update docs

	* General cleanup

0.11 - Mon Mar  3 11:58:42 2003 (Andy Lester)
	* Patches to make this less brian-specific.  Thanks to Chris
	  Nandor for taking it upon himself to do so.

	* Removed a lot of dependencies on external modules. 

0.10 - Wed Dec 11 16:40:53 2002 (brian d foy)
	* prompt for comments to put in Changes, commit Changes, and
	use comments in SourceForge change log notes

	* guess the release file name from 'make dist' so the first
	argument is now optional

	* put the right date in the SourceForge release date