Revision history for perl distribution Mojo-IRC

0.19 2015-05-22T13:44:50+0200
 - Add Test::Mojo::IRC
 - Changed default value for nick() to mirror user()
 - Changed default value for user() to reflect current logged in user

0.18 2015-03-01T18:05:08Z
 - More tests are skipped on MSWin32

0.17 2015-02-15T21:44:25Z
 - Fix parsing bug in _read() on unknown numeric IRC event, #21
 - Fix setting nick in irc_rpl_welcome default handler, #20

0.16 2015-02-08T11:41:48Z
 - Add disconnect() can be called without a callback Contributor: Dan Book
 - Fix "close" event can reconnect Contributor: Dan Book
 - Fix responding to CTCP messages
 - Fix responding to CTCP PING message

0.15 2015-01-09T16:19:34Z
 - More robust unit tests

0.14 2015-01-02T13:31:11Z
 - Fix failing test on BSD

0.13 2014-09-14T20:16:25Z
 - emit_safe() is deprecated in Mojolicious

0.12 2014-09-06T19:25:13Z
 - Skip tests on MSWin32 #9

0.11 2014-08-31T14:32:11Z
 - Fix update of current nick() on err_nicknameinuse()

0.10 2014-08-16T20:24:25Z
 - Fix update of current nick()
 - Deprecated change_nick()

0.09 2014-07-29T08:43:34Z
 - Fix emitting err_xxx events before irc_error

0.08 2014-07-27T19:06:53Z
 - Will also emit numeric events
 - Move events out of main module documentation
 - Deprecated irc_err_xxx events

0.07 2014-05-30T07:46:58Z
 - Fix Mojo::IRC for Mojolicious 5.0

0.0601 2014-02-22T17:43:57Z
 - Fix missing ERR_ events.
 - Started DEPRECATION process for irc_err_xxx events.

0.06 2014-02-22T11:54:38Z
 - Allow offline mode with MOJO_IRC_OFFLINE=1

0.0501 2014-02-22T09:57:25Z
 - Add debug info to figure out failing error.t

0.05 2014-02-21T20:52:39Z
 - Add parser() attribute
 - Add ctcp() method to quote CTCP messages
 - Add support for CTCP events

0.04 2014-02-21T18:23:16Z
 - Fix PASS need to be sent before NICK and USER Contributor:
   Stephan Jauernick

0.0303 2013-10-01T12:23:30Z
 - Fix irc_err_nicknameinuse: Need to try with same nick, not modify the
   nick attribute.
 - Marked change_nick() as deprecated.

0.0302 2013-09-06T23:40:46Z
 - Fix t/error.t on windows
 - Fix Makefile.PL

0.0301 2013-09-04T23:46:41Z
 - Need to remove stream_id on error as well

0.03 2013-09-04T13:48:26Z
 - Add support for TLS
 - Change default ping interval to every 60 seconds

0.0201 2013-08-16T23:31:03Z
 - Fix NAME in Makefile.PL

0.02 2013-08-05T12:40:20Z
 - Remove File::Slurp as a dependency
 - Remove Carp as a dependency
 - Add Test::more as a dependency
 - Made unittest more robust. The write() of NICK, USER and JOIN might be
   received at the server at once.

0.01 2013-08-03T10:19:28Z
 - Add default event handlers
 - Add change_nick()
 - Add reconnect when changing server.