Revision history for perl distribution Mojo-Redis2
0.31 2018-01-24T02:10:25-05:00
 - Fix for timing issue where object is destroyed before read completes. #19, #34
 - Fix erroneous shift() of waiting queue when receiving messages. #38
   Contributor: Boris Blinov

0.30 2017-12-05T21:03:44-0500
 - Check version of redis in tests and skip tests of unsupported functions. #31
   Contributor: Mike Magowan
 - Fix bgrewriteaof backend test to wait for background processes to complete. #32
   Contributor: Mike Magowan
 - Add scripting support with methods eval and evalsha. #33
   Contributor: Mike Magowan

0.29 2017-11-19T20:16:11-0500
 - Prevent forked processes from terminating the Mojo::Redis2::Server test
   server when they destroy the object. #29
   Contributor: Dan Book

0.28 2017-11-11T09:59:37+0800
 - Fix monkey_patch() usage
 - Add Geo command support
 - Add HyperLogLog command support

0.27 2017-10-09T12:50:29+0200
 - Add new methods: bitcount, bitop bitpos, hincrbyfloat, incrbyfloat, pexpire,
   pexpireat, psetex, pttl, zlexcount, zrangebylex, zremrangebylex and zrevrangebylex. #25
   Contributor: Mike Magowan

0.26 2016-06-04T13:09:20+0200
 - Fix missing POD and removed code that is not in use #18

0.25 2016-06-04T13:01:53+0200
 - Enable tests to run in OS X
 - Add Mojo::Redis2::Cursor and support for scan, hscan, sscan, zscan #18
   Contributor: Andre Parker

0.24 2015-07-18T08:19:34+0200
 - Mark t/connection-refused.t as TODO, since it fail because of i18n

0.23 2015-07-16T09:32:21+0200
 - Fix Mojo::Redis2::Server need to bind to and not localhost #12
   Issues arise when ::1 and is set to "localhost" in /etc/hosts

0.22 2015-07-15T08:22:37+0200
 - Remove "tcp-keepalive" as default config parameter from Mojo::Redis2::Server
 - Something is odd with local($@), scoping and 5.10/5.12

0.21 2015-07-14T17:53:28+0200
 - Will use Mojo::Redis2 to check if test redis server is up and running

0.20 2015-07-11T12:35:34+0200
 - Add hidden methods to t/00-basic.t to fix POD coverage

0.19 2015-07-06T21:10:01+0200

0.18 2015-03-02T08:36:10Z
 - Fix documenation #10
 - Add examples/

0.17 2015-01-29T08:58:00Z
 - Will requeue actions on disconnect
 - Deprecated "protocol" attribute
 - One protocol per connection

0.16 2015-01-02T13:47:53Z
 - Change psubscribe() and subscribe() require an array-ref of channel
 - Add punsubscribe()
 - Add unsubscribe()

0.15 2014-11-13T17:50:21Z
 - Skip tests on Win32

0.14 2014-10-26T09:32:58Z
 - Fix empty collection evaluation Contributor: Jan Tore Morken

0.13 2014-10-22T20:53:41Z
 - Fix "Connection refused" now makes blocking requests die with correct
   error message.

0.12 2014-09-16T21:13:54Z
 - Fix response list in POD for blpop, brpop and brpoplpush.
 - emit_safe() is deprecated in Mojolicious

0.11 2014-08-26T15:05:16Z
 - Add simpler "CONFIG GET key" result

0.10 2014-08-26T14:07:30Z
 - Add Mojo::Redis2::Backend for server commands

0.09 2014-08-24T12:00:43Z
 - Improved detection of running server

0.08 2014-08-23T18:24:11Z
 - Fix t/start-server.t test for DESTROY()-ed server

0.07 2014-08-22T16:34:14Z
 - Replace start_server() with Mojo::Redis2::Server

0.0602 2014-08-20T12:06:20Z
 - Fix failed CPAN index, by adding $VERSION to Mojo::Redis2::Transaction

0.0601 2014-08-20T11:59:46Z
 - Fix failed CPAN index, by adding $VERSION to Mojo::Redis2::Transaction

0.06 2014-08-20T11:49:23Z
 - Add Mojo::Redis2::Bulk for grouped commands
 - Add Mojo::Redis2::Client for CLIENT commands

0.05 2014-08-19T14:29:23Z
 - Add connection event

0.0401 2014-08-13T16:41:39Z
 - Fix "Could not start Redis" test

0.04 2014-08-13T16:39:28Z
 - Fix Not enough arguments for grep at Mojo/ line 444, near "};"
 - Add blpop(), brpop() and brpoplpush() as invalid methods on

0.03 2014-08-06T11:35:43Z
 - Add watch() to Mojo::Redis2::Transaction
 - Add blpop(), brpop() and brpoplpush() to Mojo::Redis2

0.02 2014-08-06T10:20:32Z
 - Fix the order commands are sent
 - Fix missing dependency: Protocol::Redis
 - Add support for transactions

0.01 2014-08-05T13:32:27Z
 - Started project
 - Add blocking support
 - Add message/pmessage events for pub/sub
 - Add support for basic Redis operations
 - Add error handling
 - Can start Redis server