Revision history for Perl extension MojoX-Dispatcher-Qooxdoo-Jsonrpc:

0.96    fix Mojolicious 5.73 compatibility and DEPRECATE the module in favor
        of Mojolicious::Plugin::Qooxdoo.

0.95    track mojo changes ... mojo does not split GET query strings on ;
        anymore. fixed tests.

0.94    provide more meaningful errors on botched jsonrpc input

0.93    replace render_text(xxx)  with render(text=> ...)

0.92    fixed tests to work with mojo 4.0

0.91    fix MANIFEST

0.90    fix tests and example to track changes in mojolicious

0.89    fix test; perl 5.17.6 randomizes hashes
0.88    add make source mode work even when prefix in /  
0.87    make sure we do not ship from 'public' in QX_SRC_MODE

0.86    use warn instead of warnings -> fix for rt#75866

0.85    up required Mojolicious version to 2.49 and adapt route invocation

0.84    make compatible with Mojolicious::Static API changes

0.83    removed excess loggin left in from development

0.82    make the code more mojoy
        rewritten QX_SRC_MODE to be more versatile in serving 'the source'

0.81    If the service has a 'controller' property, it will get the current
        controller context assigned. This supersedes the 'mojo_*'
        properties, they are now deprecated.

        The QooxdooJsonrpc plugin does not install a /source
        path automatically anymore ... there were too many problem
        with other parts of the application which would need special
        attention to work with relative requests coming from a different
        'path' ... starting with this version, there are now two
        environment variables that govern source mode:

        QX_SRC_MODE=1 will enable serving your application from
        ../frontend/source ... 

        QX_SRC_PATH=/where/ever/source allows to specify some other 
        directory to serve your application from.

0.76    - require mojo 0.34 to make sure we don't run into
          trouble with old versions.

        - ship index.html without redirecting to it ... 
          this makes for nicer urls

        - simplify plugin code a little by using get method when
          setting up routes

0.75    - make plugin in development mode creative in finding
          the qooxdoo source code and contrib downloads

0.74    Mon Arp 04 2011
        - added better __WARN__ handler as suggested by Sebastian Riedel
        - fixed package name in example
        - added pointer to Mojolicious::Plugin::QooxdooJsonrpc in
          MojoX::Dispatcher::Qooxdoo::Jsonrpc documentation
0.72    Sat Mar 26 2011
        - send requests and results to log at debug level
        - new module Mojolicious::Plugin::QooxdooJsonrpc makes writing
          applications even simpler. Included support for serving
          both the production and the source version of the application

0.71    Tue Mar 22 2011
        - add utf8 to content_type
        - re-decode json prior to rendering so that mojo can do the final encoding
        - update tests accordingly

0.70	Thu Mar 1 2011
        - fix namespace issues
        - update error codes according to

0.69	Mon Feb 28 2011
        - better documentation
        - improved exception example

0.68	Sun Feb 27 2011
	- fix tests

0.67	Sun Feb 27 2011
        - bring Makefile.PL in line with latest trends
        - add testing
        - some catch more errors in jsonrpc
        - set application/json header on response
        - report rpc errors to the mojo log
        - do not localize __WARN__ in eval as this makes no sense here
        - simplified code a bit more

0.66    Thu Feb 22 2011 

        - the service module has to explicitly tell which
          of its methods are to be called remotely via the

        - drop the whole _ prefix thing ... and call the
          check_access, mojo_session and mojo_stash by their actual names

        - enhance pod to cover new things    
        - follow new mojo class style in examples

0.55	Mon Feb 21 2011
0.54	Sat Feb 29 2011
	- CGI::Session, rename main method into dispatch

0.53    Thu Sep 21 2010
   	- POD, fixes

0.52	Mon Sep 20 2010
	- POD improvements, error codes, fixes

0.51	Mon Sep 13 2010
	- improving POD

0.50	Mon Sep 13 2010 
	- initial release