Revision history for Mojolicious-Plugin-Mongodb

1.16      2014-05-21 13:39:19WIT+0700 Asia/Jakarta
    Fixes to the no_OPTION methods

1.15      2013-07-01 18:07:22 Asia/Jakarta
    Added the 'no_db', 'no_coll' and 'no_model' configuration options.
    Removed the patch_mongodb option because the newer drivers have some
    of the methods it used to patch in available now.

1.14      2012-11-03 18:07:02 Asia/Jakarta
    Removed some warnings that were not needed

1.13      2012-09-23 05:45:53 Asia/Jakarta
    Added a new helper called "model" which acts like a (supposedly) smart 
    combination of "db" and "coll". Please see the documentation for details.

1.12      2012-04-26 05:50:28 Asia/Jakarta
    So sorry, but doing a findOne on a collection doesn't work because group is
    in fact a command that gets run, but the MongoDB docs about it's proper
    usage are vague, and 


    is apparently equivalent to a runCommand, but not quite.

1.11      2012-04-26 05:33:58 Asia/Jakarta
    Group as a runCommand apparently does not work the way you think it does,
    and actually is a parameter to findOne() so that's bene fixed too. Hope
    now it all works... 

1.10      2012-04-26 05:20:33 Asia/Jakarta
    Fixed up the experimental patch_mongodb methods to take arguments in the same
    style as the MongoDB driver; a hash ref, not a hash

1.09      2012-04-26 05:15:02 Asia/Jakarta
    Added experimental 'patch_mongodb' configuration option that will do some
    Moose tricks to import the "group", "find_and_modify" and "map_reduce"
    methods into MongoDB::Collection

1.08      2012-04-08 04:08:02 Asia/Jakarta
    BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY BREAKER:  This release will probably break your 
    existing code. Some care went into not changing how the core functionality 
    works, but keep in mind that things might go hideously wrong.

    Added helpers for findAndModify and mapReduce operations, and changed the 
    architecture around a bit, we now use our own little object to hold the 
    connection info and all other pertinent methods and expose them to the user 
    via helpers.

1.07      2011-04-27 04:14:15 Asia/Jakarta
    BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY BREAKER: Renamed the 'connection' attribute 
    to 'mongodb_connection', since 'connection' is very generic and could 
    theoretically end up getting clobbered.

    Added 'no_helper' configuration option to prevent creation of a 
    helper altogether.

1.06      2011-04-24 19:38:54 Asia/Jakarta
    No change track