0.05      2015-01-25 19:52:23+01:00 Europe/Berlin
	- Deprecate the default meaning of the "autoHook"/"jquery"
	  option to automatically include the jQuery file that
	  comes bundled with Mojolicious: it is intended for
	  internal use only (kraih)
	- Use functional Mojo::JSON API since the object-oriented
	  API was removed in Mojolicious 5.73; require at least 
	  Mojolicious v4.82, since this was when decode_json was added
	  Patch provided by THUNTER

0.04      2014-01-02 19:34:05 Europe/Berlin
	- Fix for newer Mojo: use UA->post($url, form => {...})
	  instead of the now deprecated UA->post_form
	  Patch by moritz - thanks!
	- Use default URL of jQuery library which is part of the
	  Mojolicious distribution
	  Patch by moritz - thanks!

0.03      2013-01-27 18:36:07 Europe/Berlin
	- Forgot to explicitly mention Mojolicious as dependency
	  as CPAN testers reminded me

0.02      2013-01-24 22:59:34 Europe/Berlin
	- Minor doc changes
	- Moved to github

0.01      2013-01-23 23:13:21 Europe/Berlin
	- Only changed the version number to have the dist
	  indexed by CPAN

0.01_01   2013-01-23 21:28:37 Europe/Berlin
	Initial release