Changelog for Mojolicious-Plugin-Statsd

0.04 2019-05-02T03:50:11
 - Make 5.10 compatible - no package BLOCK until 5.14 (Meredith Howard)

0.03 2019-04-29T04:05:47Z
 - init changes (Meredith Howard)
 - Add gauge and set_add methods (Meredith Howard)

0.02 2019-04-26T23:46:42Z
 - Fix sample_rate recording (Meredith Howard)
 - Update POD (Meredith Howard)
 - Send sample rate with metric (Meredith Howard)
 - tidy (Meredith Howard)
 - Rename update_stats -> counter, to match other impls (Meredith Howard)
 - Rename add_prefix -> with_prefix.  Drop 'copy' method (Meredith Howard)
 - Remove 'configure' method (Meredith Howard)
 - Update docs, drop PodWeaver (Meredith Howard)
 - convert to dzil (Meredith Howard)
 - rename (Meredith Howard)
 - Only use `addr` and check STATSD_ADDR before default (Meredith Howard)
 - Handle undefined (refused) result from UDP send (Meredith Howard)
 - Let's just warn rather than carp (Meredith Howard)
 - Check that socket was opened (Meredith Howard)
 - Avoid socket constant imports (Meredith Howard)
 - Drop adapter base class (Meredith Howard)
 - Change default adapter to Statsd (localhost:8125) (Meredith Howard)
 - Add missing Time::HiRes imports for timing a coderef (Meredith Howard)

0.01 2019-04-26T06:53:03Z
 - simplify arg handling here (Meredith Howard)
 - Don't load Adapter::Memory if it's not needed (Meredith Howard)
 - fix numbered list (Meredith Howard)
 - add license (Meredith Howard)
 - add readme (Meredith Howard)
 - Use the same arg style everywhere. (Meredith Howard)
 - Add Adapter abstract docs (Meredith Howard)
 - Further docs. (Meredith Howard)
 - Rename config to configure, don't store config anymore, make chainable.
   (Meredith Howard)
 - Synopsis work (Meredith Howard)
 - Add plugin config, pass config thru to adapters (Meredith Howard)
 - Test::Mojo unnecessary here (Meredith Howard)
 - Bundle metrics in the same udp packet, test. (Meredith Howard)
 - implement basic methods of stats plugin itself, add tests (Meredith
 - Adapters should always expect names in arrayref; drop inc/decrement from
   interface (Meredith Howard)
 - Get statsd basic protocol the right way. (Meredith Howard)
 - Add Adapter::Statsd (Meredith Howard)
 - Initial commit (Meredith Howard)