This file documents the revision history for the Perl library MongoDBI


-       process indexing so that order is preserved

-       Changed name from MongoDBI to Myoll to MongoDBI

-       figure out a means to prevent reserved word, database keyword and schema
        attribute naming collisions

0.0.12   2012-01-28

x       added missing is_inc shortcut not exported by M::D::Sugar

x       added the foreach_document method being a wrapper around cursor

x       changed main module synopsis

0.0.10   2012-01-22

x       fixed bug, is_id shortcut not exported by M::D::Sugar

0.0.9   2012-01-21

x       fixed bug when detecting and traversing attribute default values

x       fixed bug when parsing mongodb query parameters

0.0.8   2012-01-17

x       added execute_on method in Operations to support for database connection
        pooling with the ability to read and write to different connections

0.0.7   2012-01-08

x       fixed various uglies reported by PerlCritic

0.0.6   2012-01-06

x       added the query method to M::D::S::Operation (shorthand for $class->search(...)->query)

x       fixed typo in the M::D::Config synopsis

0.0.5   2012-01-05

x       enable safe_mode by default with the option to turn it off

x       redesigned testing method of operation has 100% test coverage of querying

0.0.4   2011-12-19

x       add is_id, and is_inc to M::D::Sugar. is_inc will auto-increment the
        field when collapsing occurs (usually on save or insert), and is_id
        adds a constraint that the field must be a MongoDB::OID
x       try using boolean::* methods to get exists to work properly

x       add paging convenience method to M::D::S::Criterion
0.0.3   2011-12-17

x       the chaining keyword, methods, etc have been renamed filter/filtering
        and has a very different syntax
x       wrote POD for all classes in need

0.0.2   2011-12-13

x       more documentation, starting more tests to test chaining and searching
0.0.1   2011-12-12

x       properly traverses children of children of child documents (n) levels

x       added support for gridfs fields

x       collapsing currently only collapses dirty fields but should be mindful
        of fields with default values

x       child and relative document class handlers should pass back the
        document class object reference instead of the handler object ref

x       child and relative document class handlers should be able to handle
        objects as initial parameters

x       this library is soooo new, .... its new