Revision history for MooX-Failover

v0.3.3    2015-01-05 16:04:04+00:00 Europe/London
  [Other Changes]
  - Minor tweaks to Changes file.

  - Moved test prerequisties into test phase.

v0.3.3    2014-12-24 10:07:09+00:00 Europe/London
  - Fixed typo in POD markup.

  [Other Changes]
  - Made prereq for version explicit.

v0.3.2    2014-12-22 15:34:54+00:00 Europe/London
  [Other Changes]
  - Fixed tests to work with Moo v1.001000 or earlier.

v0.3.1    2014-12-22 15:10:27+00:00 Europe/London
  - Reorganized documentation, and added more information.

  - Added acknowledgment.

  [Other Changes]
  - Added more tests.

v0.3.0    2014-12-17 13:06:55+00:00 Europe/London
  - Changed description of the "constructor" option to remove any
    confusion which class it applies to.

  - Documented the need for quoting values in the "args" option.

  - Fixed typos in POD.

  - Added the ability to specify an alternative constructor name
    on the original class.

  - Added the ability to pass all of the original arguments in a
    single constructor parameter to the failover class.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Fixed bug with handling the "args" option.

v0.2.1    2014-12-16 12:20:06+00:00 UTC
  - Added check that we don't failover to the same class.

  - Minor performance tweaks.

  - Minor wording changes.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Fixed bad prereqs for tests, which now uses Types::Standard.

  [Other Changes]
  - Added more tests

v0.2.0_01 2014-12-12 15:49:50+00:00 Europe/London
  - Rewrote the interface entirely, so that the failover is specified
    as part of the class definition. See the POD for details.

  - Significant optimizations at the expense of incompatability.

  - Added the ability to use an alternative name of the constructor
    for the failover class.

  - Arguments for the constructor can be a hash reference, array
    reference or scalar.

  - Added the ability to save the name of the class that triggered to

  [Other Changes]
  - Added missing MANIFEST.SKIP and removed dist.ini from

  - Added an example using Web::Machine.

v0.1.0_01 2014-12-08 17:51:22+00:00 Europe/London
  - An initial port of MooseX-Failover to Moo.