Revision history for MooseX-ConfigFromFile

0.13      2013-11-30 16:47:36Z
          - re-release to fix compile test

0.12      2013-09-14 16:37:49Z (Karen Etheridge)
          - warnings tests bypassed during installation
          - repository migrated from shadowcat to the github moose organization

0.11      2013-06-23 09:22:04 PDT-0700 (Karen Etheridge)
          - bump prereq version for MooseX::Types::Path::Tiny to ensure a
            broken version is not installed

0.10      2013-02-12 13:17:44 PST-0800 (Karen Etheridge)
          - allow clean composition into a role, without requiring an -exclude

0.09      2013-02-11 09:35:50 PST-0800 (Karen Etheridge)
          - removed prereqs which are only used for optional tests

0.08      2013-02-09 16:24:27 PST-0800 (Karen Etheridge)
          - allow configfiles called "0"
          - configfile value now passed through to new()
          - new _get_default_configfile method added, which consumers can
            override to provide a default value without having to redefine the
            attribute itself (via RT#79746) -- PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENTATION
            if you override the configfile attribute!

0.07      2013-02-04 (Karen Etheridge)
          - fixed tests to not load optional dependencies

0.06      2013-02-03 (Karen Etheridge)
          - the configfile attribute is now a Path::Tiny, not a Path::Class
            (coercions from strings are still supported, and now also from any
            other type that has a string coercion).

0.05      2013-02-03 (Karen Etheridge)
          - documentation corrected to demostrate how to properly override the
            configfile method to provide a default from the consuming class,
            without having to redefine the attribute itself
          - if MooseX::Getopt is installed, the configfile attribute has the
            Getopt trait applied

0.04      2011-12-17
          - Call the configfile attribute default sub if it is a sub, not just
            a string, just like MooseX::Getopt does (RT#73325, Karen Etheridge)

0.03      2010-12-18
          - The test suite now uses Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception
            (Karen Etheridge).
          - Fix bug reported by Strayph in #moose with inheritance RT#63624
          - Add repository metadata
          - Fix RT#57023, RT#49369.

0.02      2008-01-23
          - Honor any default supplied for the configfile attribute

0.01      2007-12-18
          - Initial release