Revision history for MooseX-Exception-Base

0.0.4   2015-01-24
        Updating for release of version 0.0.4
        Updated dependencies (Ivan Wills)
        Updated readme (Ivan Wills)
        Updated tests (Ivan Wills)
        Updated manifest (Ivan Wills)
        Updated License (Ivan Wills)
        Fixed abstracts to match spec per (Ivan Wills)
        Adding tag files (Ivan Wills)
        Merge (Ivan Wills)
        Added configure requires section (Ivan Wills)

0.0.3   2013-05-21
        Fixed so test works better in Windows

0.0.2   2012-07-19
        Removed accedentally added MyException from prereqs
        Added example file using MooseX::Exception::Base
        Fixed missing prereqs

0.0.1   2012-07-12
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.