DROLSKY / MooseX-Params-Validate-0.18 / Changes

0.18 2013-01-16
    - Fix broken prereq specification in 0.17. Reported by Justin Hunter.

0.17 2013-01-16
    - Fix tests that broke with new hash randomization in 5.17.6. (Dagfinn
      Ilmari Mannsåker)

0.16 2011-01-29
    - The validated_list and validated_hash functions now accept the values to
      be validated as both a hash and a hash reference.

0.15 2010-11-29
    - Add MX_PARAMS_VALIDATE_ALLOW_EXTRA which allows extra parameters in
      validation calls (like allow_extra for Params::Validate).
    - Converted to Test::Fatal.

0.14 2010-03-18
    - The validated_hash method failed when called on in an overloaded
      stringify method. Patch by Ian Sillitoe. RT #52565.

0.13 2009-11-29
    - Fix so that validated_hash does not try to coerce optional
      parameters which are not present. Patch by Ian Sillitoe.

    - Same fix for pos_validated_list. (Dave Rolsky)

0.12 2009-07-07
    - Using the subroutine name as a cache key for validation specs
      broke in the face of method modifiers, which all appear to have
      the same name. Now we use Devel::Caller to get the CV of the
      caller and use its refaddr as the key, which will be unique in
      all cases. Bug report by Jos Boumans. RT #46730.

0.11 2009-07-07
    - The validation functions tried to coerce optional keys which
      weren't present in the incoming parameters, leading to weird
      errors. Based on a patch from Jos Boumans. RT #46344.

    - Allow other callbacks to be specified. Previously these were
      silently thrown out. But we'd recommend just defining types that
      encapsulate everything in the callback instead. Based on a patch
      from Jos Boumans. RT #47647.

0.10 2009-06-30
    - Shut up deprecation warnings from the tests. Reported by John

0.09 2009-02-01
    - The subroutine name being reported in error messages was screwy.

0.08 2009-02-01
    - Renamed validate to validated_hash and validatep to
      validated_list. The old function names are still available under
      the ":deprecated" import tag.

    - Added a new pos_validated_list which can validate position

    - Errors now reflect the subroutine that called the validation
      function, rather than coming form inside the validation function

0.07 2008-09-21
    - No code changes, just fixing missing prereqs (Dave Rolsky)

0.06 2008-09-20
    - Fixes to work with Moose 0.58 (Dave Rolsky)

    - Switched to using Module::Install (Dave Rolsky)

0.05 2008-03-07
    - This package would cause a fatal error if loaded
      by a non-Moose class (Dave Rolsky)
      - added tests for this (Dave Rolsky)

    - Added support for coercions (Dave Rolsky)

0.04 2008-01-08
    - upped the Moose dependency and added support
      for the new improved Moose type constraints
      - added tests for this

    - adding caching of the prepared parameter
      specs, this results in approx. 3x speedup
      using rough benchmarks.

    - added special caching handlers see the
      IMPORTANT NOTE ON CACHING section of the
      POD for more details
      - added tests for this

0.03 2007-06-08
    - added support for using this
      within role methods too.

0.02 2007-04-25
    - added validatep, which returns the captured
      args as positional instead of as hash
      - added docs and tests

0.01 2007-04-18
    - trying to fill a gap, we will see ...

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