Revision history for MooseX-Role-Pluggable

0.05      2014-07-24 12:21:28-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

        Added support for build args (Sean Maguire)
        Switch to Class::Load::load_class
        Refactor build args support
        Change 'name' and 'parent' params to '_mxrp_name' & '_mxrp_parent'

0.04      2013-05-07 15:07:22 America/Los_Angeles

        Remove accidental MyApp::Plugin dep (RT#85111)

0.03      2013-04-07 13:07:08 America/Los_Angeles

        Make plugin_list ordered (Jody Clements)
        Convert to Dzil and generally clean up (John SJ Anderson)


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