0.23  2009-11-03 | find us some libraries
  - added 'xulrunner-xpcom' to the list of pkg-config packages to try
  - added note to user in Makefile.PL and also overrode MY::test in order
    to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that the tests can find libxul.so
    (thanks to Vincent Pit for the tip on overriding MY::test)

0.22  2009-10-10 | updated to Gecko 1.9 (latest xulrunner/firefox)	 
  - patch (in 2008, sorry...) from Boris Sukholitko to make install
    work on Ubuntu Hardy
  - reworked install more
  - decided to only support Gecko 1.9 (I think), which means removing
    (see https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Gecko_1.9_Changes_affecting_websites )
	- NSEvent: preventBubble
	- NSRange: IntersectsNode, CompareNode, NSDetach
	- NSHTMLDocument: captureEvents, releaseEvents, routeEvent
  - if there are problems finding libxul.so, see the README

0.21  2007-06-07
  - Really sorry about the delay - in addition to me being lazy,
    gtkmozembed was segfaulting on Ubuntu!
    If you have this problem, see the Troubleshooting section of README.
  - patch from Boris Sukholitko for Mozilla::DOM::NSHTMLDocument open.
    Note: this only works with newer Firefox now, where apparently the API
    changed. I can add #ifdef to support the old version, but I'm not
    sure which version it changed in (let me know)
  - another patch from Boris for Mozilla::DOM::Window ScrollTo.
    (other Scroll* methods could be wrapped). While I was at it,
    I also wrapped GetScrollX, GetScrollY, ScrollBy, ScrollByLines,
    ScrollByPages (all but GetScrollbars, which is too hard)
  - minor edits of examples, docs; added Scroll example
  - really fixed META.yml no_index this time (I think),
    so hopefully modules in 'examples' directory aren't indexed on CPAN

0.20  2005-09-29
  - patch from José Auguste-Etienne for installing with Firefox on Mandriva
  - made certain methods perlish, by returning lists in list context:
    o  HTMLCollection
       - HTMLFormElement: GetElements
       - HTMLMapElement: GetAreas
       - HTMLTableElement: GetRows, GetTBodies
       - HTMLTableRowElement: GetCells
       - HTMLTableSectionElement: GetRows
       - NSHTMLDocument: GetEmbeds, GetPlugins
    o  HTMLOptionsCollection
       - HTMLSelectElement: GetOptions
    o  NamedNodeMap
       - Node: GetAttributes
       - DocumentType: GetEntities, GetNotations
    o  NodeList
       - Node: GetChildNodes
       - Document: GetElementsByTagName, GetElementsByTagNameNS
       - Element: GetElementsByTagName, GetElementsByTagNameNS
    o  WindowCollection
       - Window: GetFrames
    See the documentation of each method for details.

0.19  2005-09-27
  - added interfaces: Entity, Notation, NSRange, NSEvent, NSUIEvent,
    NSHTMLAnchorElement, NSHTMLAreaElement, NSHTMLButtonElement,
    NSHTMLDocument, NSHTMLFormElement, NSHTMLFrameElement, NSHTMLHRElement,
    NSHTMLImageElement, NSHTMLInputElement, NSHTMLOptionElement,
    NSHTMLSelectElement, NSHTMLTextAreaElement

0.18  2005-09-25
  - added interfaces:
    o  DocumentRange (for creating a Range, whose ToString allows
       something like get_text in HTML::TokeParser)
    o  NSHTMLElement (innerHTML (no outerHTML unfortunately))
    o  NSDocument (content-type, referer, etc.)
  - added Range (incomplete) and InnerHTML examples

0.17  2005-09-15
  - fixed constants: see DOMException (unsupported yet), Event, KeyEvent,
    MutationEvent, Node, Range, and WebNavigation (partially supported)
  - removed backwards-compatibility underscore_style aliases (see 0.06 below)

0.16  2005-09-05
  - added support for Firefox to Makefile.PL (copied from Gtk2::MozEmbed;
    untested, please report success or failure)
  - added no_index to META.yml to suppress indexing the examples on CPAN.
    Thanks to Adam Kennedy for pointing that out.

0.15  2005-09-04
  - moved POD from xs/DOM.xs into lib/Mozilla/DOM/*.pod. At the expense of
    the POD no longer being auto-generated, people can now read the POD
    without having to install the module (e.g. on CPAN), install time
    is slightly reduced, and I have better control over the POD output.
    (Still need to clean up the POD...)
    I also suppressed generating separate man pages because I don't see
    the point (you should delete any existing man/man3/Mozilla*.3pm files
    if you've installed this module before).
  - removed Glib dependency

0.14  2005-08-29
  - added most of WebNavigation, with an example WebNav.pm
  - require specifically enabling EventListener, using
    after Torsten Schoenfeld reported that compiling Gtk2::MozEmbed
    was giving warnings (need help of a C++ expert)

0.13  2005-04-21
  - added browser object interfaces
    o  Navigator, History, Location, and Screen
    o  Window2 and WindowInternal, to get the browser objects
  - added the example BrowserObjects.pm
  - fixed the EventListener example

0.12  2005-04-20
  - keep in mind that Mozilla::DOM is alpha software, subject to change:
    o  added experimental EventListener support, with an example
    o deprecated all constants, although I didn't reimplement them
      correctly yet :/

0.11  2005-04-18
  - wrapped more interfaces (total is 88 now; there are >260 in Mozilla)
    o  54 HTML*Element classes
    o  HTMLCollection and HTMLOptionsCollection
  - added HTMLElements example
  - added the gendomxsubs.pl script which I use to generate XSUBs
    from Mozilla headers
  - fixed GetIID POD (but not yet the warnings during `make`)

0.10  2005-04-16
  - implemented Supports (QueryInterface method, plus GetIID class method
    for all interfaces), which means we can now create events!
  - added the Events example, showing mouse clicks and key presses
  - Uwe Voelker pointed me to the CPAN Forum. I registered to receive
    notification of posts, so you can post there if you want. See the
    'Contact' section of the README for details.

0.09  2005-04-11
  - added Elements example, demoing the tedium of DOM manipulation

0.08  2005-04-10
  - header includes - added two directories to set_inc in Makefile.PL:
    o  Torsten Schoenfeld noted that nsIWebBrowser.h is under the 'webbrwsr'
       directory on his system, so added that to the includes in Makefile.PL.
    o  another Gentoo user (Y. Selkowitz?) found that nsISelection.h was
       in the 'contents' directory
  - added Credits file

0.07  2005-04-10
  - wrapped methods for: MutationEvent, NamedNodeMap, Attr,
    ProcessingInstruction, CharacterData, Text, DocumentType,
    DOMImplementation, Selection, Range
  - made everything inherit from Supports, though QueryInterface still
    needs to be implemented
  - added some examples in 'examples' directory:
    o  Minilla - minimal Gtk2::MozEmbed
    o  Signals - demo signals in Gtk2::MozEmbed
  - changed several doctypes to something more comprehensible

0.06  2005-04-08
  - switched method names to StudlyCaps style instead of under_score,
    because it was too tedious when reading/creating documentation
    and XSUBs; provided aliases for KeyEvent, MouseEvent, and WebBrowser.
    Otherwise, they should be considered deprecated (not that anyone is
    actually using this module yet).
  - wrapped methods:
    o  Element: GetTagName, GetAttribute, GetElementsByTagName, ...
    o  Node: GetNode(Name|Value|Type), GetChildNodes, InsertBefore, ...
    o  NodeList: GetLength, Item
    With these, you're now able to insert elements (e.g. text)
    into the document (e.g. from within Gtk2::MozEmbed's new_window
    signal handler).
  - fixed Document::GetImplementation args

0.05  2005-04-07
  - made typemaps for nsAString args (nsEmbedString),
    which simplifies making XSUBs
  - wrapped methods:
    o  Document: get_element_by_id/tag_name, create_element, ...
    o  EventTarget: add_event_listener, remove_event_listener,
    o  Window: get_document, get_frames, get_parent, get_top (not done)
    o  WindowCollection: get_length, item, named_item

0.04  2005-04-06
  - added support for creating events
    o  wrapped the DocumentEvent class, namely its create_event method
    o  added MutationEvent; still need to wrap methods
    o  wrapped Init* methods: init_event, init_uievent, init_mouseevent,
       init_keyevent, init_mutationevent
  - added 'types' constants to Node class
  - added WebBrowser
  - wrapped a couple Window methods: get_name, set_name, size_to_content

0.03  2005-04-05
  - added typemapping support so that gtk_moz_embed_get_nsIWebBrowser
    can be wrapped in Gtk2::MozEmbed, and thus nsIWebBrowser's
    GetContentDOMWindow method can be wrapped
  - wrapped the following nsIDOM* classes: UIEvent, AbstractView,
  - copied documentation in place and added typemap conversions for:
    EventTarget, EventListener, Window, WindowCollection, Document,
    Node, NodeList, Element, EntityReference, Attr, ProcessingInstruction,
    CDATASection, Comment, CharacterData, Text, DocumentFragment,
    DocumentType, DOMImplementation

0.02  2005-04-03
  - changed mozilla-gtkmozembed dependency to mozilla-xpcom
    so that GtkMozEmbed is no longer required
  - finished event class methods except for the "Init*" methods
    o  added get_type and get_time_stamp to the Event class
    o  added get_related_target to the MouseEvent class
  - added `get_key_code' constants to the KeyEvent class

0.01  2005-04-02
  - initial release, with much help from Torsten Schoenfeld
    o  wrappings for nsIDOMKeyEvent and nsIDOMMouseEvent