Release Name: 0.13
        *   Added option allow_stream, which will allow scrobbling of http
            streams if set to true (default false). Feature untested.

        *   Fixed bug in password submition (thanks joeblow1102)

        *   Added support for password@host value in MPD_HOST

        *   Searched, without success, for memory leak. If anyone wants to
            help, uncomment the Storable lines and start looking into it...

        *   Added (documented) support for Proxy server

    Release Name: 0.12
        *   Fixed bug that sometimes prevented Music::Tag from working at
            all. Added some level 4 debug messages.

    Release Name: 0.11
        *   Added musictag_overwrite option. This is false by default. It is
            a workaround for problems with Music::Tag and unicode. Setting
            this to true allows Music::Tag info to overwrite info from MPD.
            Do not set this to true until Music::Tag returns proper unicode

    Release Name: 0.1
        *   Split off all scrobbling code to Music::Audioscrobbler::Submit

        *   Added an error message if file is not found.

        *   Added use warnings for better debugging.

        *   Started using Pod::Readme for README and CHANGES

    Release Name: 0.09
        *   Added waffelmanna's patch to fix the password submital to MPD.

    Release Name: 0.08
        *   musicmpdscrobble daemonizes after creating
            Music::Audioscrobber::MPD object which allows pidfile to be set
            in options file (thanks K-os82)

        *   Kwalitee changes such as pod fixes, license notes, etc.

        *   Fixed bug which prevented working with a password to mpd.

        *   Fixed bug causing reaper to block.

    Release Name: 0.07
        *   Fixed Unicode issues with double encoding (thanks slothck)

        *   Stoped using URI::Encode which did NOT solve locale issues.

    Release Name: 0.06
        *   Configured get_mbid_from_mb to only grab if missing.

        *   Changed to using URI::Encode

        *   Fixed bug preventing log file from loading from command line.

    Release Name: 0.05
        *   Fixed bug with log file handles (thanks T0dK0n)

        *   Fixed bug caused when music_directory not set (thanks T0dK0n)

        *   Revised Documentation Slightly

        *   Fixed bug in kill function for musicmpdscrobble

        *   Added option get_mbid_from_mb to get missing mbids using

    Release Name: 0.04
        *   Have been assigned Client ID. If you set this in your configs,
            please remove.

    Release Name: 0.03
        *   Name change for module. Is now Music::Audioscrobbler::MPD.
            Uninstall old version to facilitate change!

        *   Repeating a song isn't a skip anymore (or rather skipping back a
            scrobblable distance is not a skip)

        *   Only submits a song <30 seconds long if it has an mbid.

        *   Very basic test script for sanity.

    Release Name: 0.02
        *   Fixed bug caused my Music::Tag returning non-integer values for
            "secs" (thanks tunefish)

        *   Along same lines, configure to not use Music::Tag secs values,
            but trust MPD

    Release Name: 0.01
        *   Initial Release

        *   Basic routines for scrobbling MPD. Code from
            Music::Audioscrobbler merged for now.