For release 0.93
Second round of NBU 6.5 related fixes as well as some enhancements.  Most
significantly, we are getting ready to use NBU to move beyond just inspecting
and monitoring and start making changes to the running NetBackup environment!
- "Gracefully" notice NetBackup is not installed
- Handle multiple image copies by maintaining fragment lists for each one
- Better license key analysis
- Distinction between media managers and robotic media managers
- Non-removable media forced to "disk" density
- Some policy manipulation code
	- activate / de-activate
For release 0.92
First round of updates focused on support release 6.5  Most of these updates
revolve parsing the much enhanced (but still hopelessly broken) output of
bpdbjobs.  However, it looks like this time around there is enough of a cooky
crumb trail to come up with some sort of speed analysis again.  Run
and enjoy!
For release 0.91
Bug fixes, of course; mostly related to changes in the output of various
NetBackup tools as this release finally catches up with Veritas' release 5.1
and its patches.  Hopefully support for 6.x will not take near as long!
Here is a brief overview of some of the major work that has gone into
release 0.91:
- Support for Windows (under cygwin) completed
- Properly handle disk based storage units and their file "volumes".
- Handle new calendaring schedule format
- Handle Duplicate job type
- XML-ized and taught about various new OS versions
-,, "production" ready
- shows backup volume analysis capabilities
and of course many, many bug-fixes.
For release 0.90
Finally getting down to the hard work of writing docs and on-line help.  Can
you believe it?
- XML-ized and moved into "production"
- into "production"
For release 0.86
Lots of work regarding volumes and their existence in media manager or volume
- Figured out, I think, bit 0x10 of the media status field
- Deal with multiple volume databases and thus volume-ds that could exist
  more than once.  That is, complain and ignore the second definition.
- Licensing handles re-using the same key on more than one host (naughty,
- Add jobtype "Import"
and lots more...
For release 0.85
Some minor fixes and updates for NBU 4.5 compatibility
- Handle multiplexed fragments when computing a volume's TOC
- Properly code job types
- 4.5.0 recognized in robot inventorying logic
- drives and robots now track whether they're known to any storage units;
 this allows one to identify equipment currently in use by NetBackup or not.
- Scratch pools identified via -listscratch
- Fix bug in job parsing when tapes are positioning before they're mounted
For release 0.75
This release builds on its predecessors by fleshing out more and more functionality
as user (my) needs warrant.  Lately these have been focussed on two areas in
particular: volume tracking and job reporting.  Hence the NBU::Media class implements
quite a few more attribute manipulation methods and the NBU::Job class has gotten
quite adept at parsing through the bpdbjobs output.
And this just in under the wire: a start on License analysis using a NBU::License class
Here is a somehwat arbitrary summary of changes:
- figures out which drives it should monitor by scavenging through all
  the storage unit definitions.
- The NBU::Host class implements a crude hostname aliasing mechanism so servers
  listed under multiple names (read: with multiple interfaces) can be identified
  as being one and the same.  At some point the aliases list will be read from a
  configuration file.  (If only XML support wasn't such a pain to install!)
- and can be made to talk to other master servers with by
  setting a -M flag.
- client and class list examples now list class membership and member clients
- Get and set offsite attributes on volumes.
- Jobs can now regurgitate the errors associated with them.
- If you're willing to install some XML related modules, the new script's configuration files are now written in XML; more
  of this is coming.
- Volume ejecting and robot inventory updating are now wired live.  (Vaulting
  here we come :-)
- Minor code re-arranging has lowered the Perl version requirements to 5.004
- with -e will list the errors associated with a job; especially helpful
  for those pesky status 1 jobs against Windoze boxes.
- Quash stderr messages from the various cli tools
For release 0.74
- Run bpconfig as part of gathering the full picture of the NetBackup
  environment.  This allows us to display information on e-mail notifications
  amongst other things (see
- The example displays assigned retention levels for each
- Courtesy of Peter Buschman we now parse a disk storage unit in bpdbjobs
- can display the file list for a given job
- example sorts image file lists
- Man pages for;
  The .pl files with man pages were moved into a bin sub-directory and are now
  officially installed as part of this module
- Fix the problem caused by bpdbjobs sending refresh data about jobs that
  are being expired from its database
- Handle drive indices on a media server by media server basis rather than
  having a single global list of them.
- Even the Image class now has a loadImages factory method which will indeed
  load all images.  Oh the questions you can now finally ask!  Take a peek at
  examples/ for a few simple ones
- Class objects implement loadImages.
- Class information is now loaded on demand as well.  Of course if you know
  you are going to loop over all of them, you'd still want to load them en
  masse first.

For release 0.73:
Most changes are bug fix and example script related.  It is interesting to see
how easy it has been to whip up scripts on top of the object model.  However,
sometimes a flaw in the underlying model is exposed :-(  Major changes are:
- addition of
  Patterned after the famous top utility, this script lists the currently active
  jobs in a number of sort orders.  Leveraging the object model correlating
  active jobs to volumes and drives was a no-brainer!