Revision history for Perl extension NOLookup

1.21 2020-08-07
     - bin/ adjust -f option to force either ipv4 or ipv6,
       nice if some dns/connect problem should occur.

1.20 2020-08-06
     - Comment out use of LWP::ConsoleLogger::Easy as it complicates
       debian build for prod. environments. Activate debug code
       manually when doing development stuff.

1.19 2020-06-30
     - Added more RDAP support.
     - Also added some whois utility functions for converting RDAP to
       Norid whois output (rdap2whois behaviour).
       Useful for testing, for users familiar with the whois output
       format, and in case RDAP shall be used as a registrarwhois
       proxy, in which case some full access layer should be offered
       by Norid.
     - Changed to use dist.ini and Dist::Zilla for build/release

1.18 2020-06-03
     - Added support for lookup to the Norid RDAP service.
       - NOLookup::RDAP::RDAPLookup
       - bin/ : example program
       - t/04test_rdap.t
         layer tests controlled by env variables.
       See POD for usage.
     - t/03test_whois.t : added some test for whois

1.17 2019-03-31

     - NOLookup::Brreg::DataLookup, NOLookup::BrregDifi::DataLookup:
       $mech->text should not be called unless content is html, so
       clone version 1.16 change.
       This will make the module it more future safe in case '<' or
       other problematic html char should be allowed in a company name
       or other field. None problematic chars seen so far though.

1.16 2019-03-28

     - NOLookup::Patent::DataLookup: use
       $mech->content(format=>'text') instead of $mech->text, since
       decode_json() on the the latter fails and dies if a json key
       contains letter '<'.

1.15 2019-02-25

     - Support NOLookup::Brreg::DataLookup version accept_header
       request, ref.
       Use versioning to be sure the API does not change.
1.14 2019-02-05

     - Added NOLookup::Brreg::DataLookup::lookup_update_dates()
       to support lookup on update date and update id.
       The method can be used to find changed organizations.
     - Various doc. and code simplifications.
     - Some doc fixes

1.13 2019-01-15

     - A few doc fixes

1.12 2019-01-15

     - Changed to use the new API from brreg:
       - Also support search on underenhet (-u).
       - Also search search on changed orgs (-d/-i).

       The version supported by v1.11 are removed because Brreg
       will remove it eventually, e.g:

1.11 2018-08-09

     - Handle case that holder info is missing when using the Norid
       public whois service, whilst it may be available when using the
       restricted registrarwhois service, which is for registrars

1.10 2017-08-22
     - Intialize size to get rid of an unitialized warning
     - Added new JSON keys 'orgform' and 'maalform'

1.9  2017-06-09
     - Version syntax fix, require perl version at least 5.18.0

1.8  2017-05-29
     - Require perl version at least 5.18

1.7  2017-05-18
     - Added argument and support to specify max number of pages in:
       * lib/NOLookup/Brreg/
       * bin/
     - Added dependencies for build

1.6  2017-05-08
     - MYMETA.json/yml removed from MANIFEST (shall never be listed)

1.5  2017-05-05
     - More Kwalitee fixes: use warnings etc.

1.4  2017-05-04
     - Kwalitee fixes: fix versions and added README file.

1.3  2017-05-03
     - Initial