Revision history for Nes

1.03    2010/04/14
        fix can't locate object method "_burst_multipart_buffer"
        added pseudo_ajax.nhtml object
        added include_js.nhtml object
        added dir share/cgi-bin/js
        added 'js' and 'njs' Nes types
        now is not necessary place in the template {: $ HTTP-headers :}
        completely rewritten nesblog sample
        new API for plugin 'register' 
        fix cfg perl syntax in the value 
        added share/cgi-bin/images
        added multi_step object.
        Nes support for double quotes on parameters
        added tag inheritance to Nes.
        added 'add' method to Singleton for add tags.
        added Data::Dumper to debug info.
        added dir share/cgi-bin/obj/Nes/form 
        allows parameters to obfuscated
        fix same cookie name in plugins forms and captcha.
        fix add tag forms captcha.
        fix add tag forms plugin.
        fix expire last forms plugin.
        added secure_login object.
        Nes Tags, all param allows inclusion.
        added attempts_for_captcha to forms plugin.
        fix forms plugin count 2 attempts in autosubmit.
        fix forms plugin clear attempts.
        fix tmp_dir in tutorial.

1.02    2010/03/03
        add {: $ source :} to debub_info.
        fix chomp source.
        add tutorial to examples.
        fix replace 0 as literal.
        multiples documentation fixes.

1.01    2010/02/28
        documentation fixes.

1.00    2010/02/28
        1.00 Release, fisrt Release version of Nes.
        documentation fixes.

1.00_04 2010/02/27
        documentation fixes.
        add more instalation test. 

1.00_03 2010/02/25
        add -u option in set_nes_site for solves some Linux distributions 
        are problems with symbolic in cgi-bin.

1.00_02 2010/02/25 
        Add iprefix option in set_nes_site.
        Several install fixes.

1.00_01 2010/02/23 
        Multiples changes in structure of directory and others for CPAN
        installation, not compatible with earlier versions.