Revision history for Perl module Net::ACME2

0.35 13 April 2020
- Fix mis-parse of subproblem identifiers in to_string().

0.34 13 March 2020
- Fix warning in error objects if there is no “status”.

0.33 10 September 2019
- Fix documentation of base class for exception objects. (No code changes.)

0.32 26 August 2019
- Fix creation of subproblem objects.
- Add subproblem “identifier” to those objects’ to_string() output.

0.31 9 August 2019
- Prevent nonce reuse.
- Add badNonce retry (cf. RFC 8555/6.5).
- Add http_timeout() method.
- Tweak internals not to reuse “_ua” for instances of 2 different classes.
- Replace legacy function names in demos and tests.
- Improve internal eval {} usage.

0.30 18 July 2019
- Fix (internal?) error when newNonce is not called.

0.29 13 July 2019
- Fix Net::ACME2::Challenge::error() breakage from 0.28.

0.28 13 July 2019
- UPDATE: In fact, this change broke callers. 0.29 fixes it, and the error()
  return will continue to include the necessary pieces to preserve backward
  compatibility with pre-0.28 callers. The following note is retained for
  historical interest:

  WARNING: Net::ACME2::Challenge::error() now returns a Net::ACME2::Error
  instance rather than a plain hash reference. Since the internals of
  N::A2::Error line up with the hash reference, this should not break
  existing clients; however, the object’s internal state may eventually
  change, which *would* break any pre-0.28 callers. Implementors SHOULD
  migrate to the object accessors before upgrading to this release.
- Fix debug=1 left in from previous change … oops.
- Use Module::Runtime rather than Module::Load.
- Make’s create_handler() optionally accept a Net::ACME2 instance
  in lieu of the key authorization. This simplifies the use of that method
  a bit and makes it consistent with’s get_record_value().
- get_terms_of_service() is now callable as either a class method or an
  instance method.
- Improved documentation of error classes.

0.27 18 March 2019
- Prefer Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA or CryptX for cryptography rather than
  Crypt::Perl. This provides a modest performance boost and is likely
  preferable from a security standpoint since OpenSSL and LibTomCrypt
  have received much more scrutiny and wider use. Crypt::Perl is still
  used for parsing.

0.26 11 March 2019
- No production changes.
- Upgrade declared status to production-ready.
- Update documentation to link to publication of RFC 8555.
- Link to GitHub issues tracker in distribution metadata.

0.25 6 November 2018
- BREAKING (?) CHANGE: Convert get_authorization() to POST-as-GET.
  See 0.24 for a discussion of the impact of this change. This complements
  and completes the changes in 0.24.
- Minor documentation formatting updates.

0.24 6 November 2018
- BREAKING (?) CHANGE: Convert poll functions to POST-as-GET. This
  accommodates the corresponding protocol change made in draft 15 of
  the ACME specification. This will break only those applications whose
  ACME server does not yet implement POST-as-GET for polling. I don’t think
  there are any such servers in production, though; in particular,
  Let’s Encrypt continues to work.
- Add $acme->get_certificate_chain() method. This implements POST-as-GET
  logic for certificate chain. Callers that previously fetched
  $order->certificate() directly via their own HTTP logic will need to
  switch to this new method unless the ACME server they’re interacting
  with continues to allow plain GET for certificates.

0.23 24 Aug 2018
- Fix LICENSE file (again)

0.22 24 Aug 2018
- Rename create_new_account() and create_new_order() to create_account()
  and create_order(). (“Create new” is redundant.)
- Fix LICENSE file.

0.21 25 Jul 2018
- Make default to the production server.
- Make accept an “environment” to simplify testing.
- Pass constructor arguments to the HOST() method.
- Make tests flex ECDSA keys as strenuously as they flex RSA keys.
- Add aviso about speed to the main POD.
- Acknowledge need for XS-based TLS functionality. This module can’t run
  “anywhere that Perl runs” because of this. :-(

0.2 19 Jun 2018
- BREAKING: poll_authorization() and poll_order() now return the object’s
new status rather than boolean and no longer throw an exception on an
unrecognized status.
- finalize_order() now returns the object’s new status.
- “http_01” challenges now have get_path() and get_content() methods.
- “dns_01” challenges now have get_record_name() and get_record_value() methods.
- Experimental support for the “tls-alpn-01” ACME challenge.
- Most exceptions are now converted to Net::ACME::X::Generic or subclasses
thereof. The remaining plain-string exceptions “really should not happen”.
- Some unused logic (e.g., compact JWS serialization) is pruned away.
- We no longer send undef/null values to newAccount.
- Example scripts are a bit more refined.
- More substantive tests are added.
- Fix versioning issue with PAUSE. (Thanks to Dan Book for mentioning it.)
- I now consider this to be a “beta” release.

0.12 11 Jun 2018
- Remove Types::Serialiser (thanks, Chris Novakovic!)

0.11 1 Jun 2018
- Add Types::Serialiser to Makefile.PL (thanks, Chris Novakovic!)

0.10 2 Apr 2018
- Add “Content-Type” header to outgoing POSTs.

0.09 14 Mar 2018
- Fix MANIFEST (sorry!)
- Update documentation a bit for the production endpoint.

0.08 13 Mar 2018
- Make the Let’s Encrypt module default to the production server.
- DNS challenges are now instantiated as instances.
- Tweaks to documentation.

0.07 11 Feb 2018
- Fix to request new nonce when there is none set.

0.06 9 Feb 2018
- Remove unused “Pending” modules (holdovers from Net::ACME)

0.05 18 Jan 2018
- Minimum X::Tiny version of 0.12.

0.04 18 Jan 2018
- Fix flaw in example logic.

0.03 15 Jan 2018
- Verbiage tweak in POD, search visibility

0.02 14 Jan 2018
- Fix examples to show generated key.
- A bit of additional documentation.

0.01 13 Jan 2018
- Initial ALPHA release