Revision history for Net-Async-Webservice-S3

0.18    2014/01/23 01:33:53
         * Allow fetching byte ranges
         * Wrap the If-Match HTTP header
         * Repair stall_timeout by using a ranged GET

0.17    2013/11/25 19:07:21
         * Support multiple concurrent uploads of parts in ->put_object
         * Allow (part) value to be a Future returning a CODE/size pair

         * Avoid die()ing with an entire content string interpolated into $@

0.16    2013/11/12 00:48:18
         * Bugfixes to head_then_get for non-200 responses, and cancellation

0.15    2013/10/20 17:23:42
         * Support ->head_then_get_object->cancel
         * Neaten up failure results in line with IO::Async standard

0.14    2013/10/12 03:09:11
         * Added ->head_then_get_object method

0.13    2013/09/26 21:02:25
         * Added 'on_write' callback parameter to ->put_object
         * Pass 'stall_timeout' to ->do_request rather than ->configure'ing it
           on the NaHTTP object; reducing the API surface
         * Yield total generated content length from ->put_object result

         * Ensure that a 'multipart' put of no parts creates an empty object
           instead of failing

0.12    2013/09/14 00:03:53
         * Use Net::Async::HTTP 0.28 so the stall_timeout logic works during
           write; can avoid having custom handling for it now

0.11    2013/09/05 16:29:07
         * Configurable hostname for S3 service - allows use of other service
         * More succinct documentation of Future-returning methods to include
           the Future yield values in the =head2 line itself

0.10    CHANGES:
         * Much improved timeout logic, including stall timer for PUT
         * Don't retry on HTTP 4xx errors, they should fail immediately

0.09    CHANGES:
         * Add a small delay after failures before retrying, to let HTTP
           connections properly reset/recover
         * Pass through timeout and stall_timeout to underlying NaHTTP object

0.08    CHANGES:
         * Optionally support SSL
         * Sanity-check bucket names that are used as DNS names
         * Added SYNOPSIS example code

0.07    BUGFIXES:
         * length(undef) on pre 5.14 perl causes undef warnings
         * lc() MD5sum hashes before comparison, for extra robustness

0.06    CHANGES:
         * Added ->head_object
         * Support setting and retrieving S3 metadata on keys
         * Allow ->configure keys to be set back to undef
         * Deleted now-deprecated legacy 'multipart_chunk_size' configure key

0.05    CHANGES:
         * Completely rewritten (multipart) PUT logic - can now use plain
           strings, Futures, or CODE generator functions.
         * Better detection of when multipart is or isn't required
         * Created some little example scripts that perform simple
           list/get/put/delete operations

0.04    CHANGES:
         * New 'gen_parts' multipart generator to replace 'gen_value'
         * Support generating parts from Futures
         * Renamed 'multipart_chunk_size' to 'part_size'

0.03    CHANGES:
         * Allow storing an optional bucket name and key name prefix
         * List in batches of 1000 by default, rather than 100
         * Declare explicit dependency on Future 0.13

0.02    CHANGES:
         * Initial implementation of multipart upload
         * Changed gen_value callback API to pass in position/length
         * Changed put_object future return value to yield ETag directly
         * Declare that we need NaHTTP at least 0.19

0.01    First version, released on an unsuspecting world.