Revision history for Net::CDP

*** 0.09 Tue Aug 16 2005

Resync libcdp with Gnulib.

libtoolize libcdp.

*** 0.08 Thu Jul 21 2005

Fixed "decode errors" bug, where the packet after the error would return the
decoding error instead.

Added power consumption and management addresses TLVs. Experiment support
for Appliance ID Query fields (deliberately not documented yet!).

Use Gnulib so that libcdp can be built on wacky platforms.

Cleaned up XS layer. Sanitized memory handling in the C layer.

Munge internal croaks properly -- errors should always appear to come
from the caller now.

Various other minor bugfixes.

*** 0.07 Tue Sep 2 2004

Use Carp::Clan to manage error messages.

Minor bugfix in Net::CDP::Manager::cdp_send error handling.

Documentation cleanups.

Turned most flags into named arguments. Warn if a deprecated feature is used
(but we currently still accept them).

Moved other flags into appropriate modules.

Added ability to selectively disable recv and send methods.

Added most voice VLAN TLVs.

Added detection of port duplex mode.

Removed AutoLoader because it wasn't worth it.

Split the C code into (sort of) a separate library, configured with Autoconf
rather than MakeMaker.

Make cdp_get_ports manually check each port -- don't rely just on

*** 0.06 Wed Jun 23 2004

Handle 'get' magic properly.

*** 0.05 Thu Jun  6 2004

By default, ports will be opened in non-promiscuous mode and a multicast
address will be added to them instead.

*** 0.04 Wed Jun  9 2004

Fixed checksum bug (again!).

Removed unnecessary debugging output.

*** 0.03 Tue Jun  8 2004

Fixed my email address.

Fixed checksum bug.

*** 0.02 Fri Jun  4 2004

Initial released version.

*** 0.01 Sun Mar 21 2004

Original version (unreleased).

$Id: Changes,v 1.26 2005/08/16 11:52:30 mchapman Exp $