Revision history for Perl extension Net::CyanChat.

  Version 0.07 - Sep 15 2015
  - Update documentation.

  Version 0.06 - Oct 24 2008
  - Broke backwards compatibility *big time*.
  - Removed the Chat_Buddy_Here method. It was useless and difficult to work with.
  - All the Message handlers (Message, Private, Chat_Buddy_In, Chat_Buddy_Out)
    now receive a hashref containing the details of the event, instead of
    receiving them in array format.
  - The Who Lists are now separated internally into "Who" (normal users)
    and "Special" (Cyan & Guests). Cyanites so rarely enter the CyanChat room
    that conflicts in nicknames between normal users and Cyanites was rare, but
    possible, and the previous version of the module wouldn't be able to handle
  - The function getBuddies returns a higher level hash dividing the users into
    the "who" and "special" categories (i.e. $ret->{who}->{Kirsle} = 11223135).
  - All functions return undef on error now, and 1 on success (unless another
    value is expected), instead of returning 0 on error.
  - Removed some leftover prints in the code from the last version.
  - Revised the POD to include some bits of example code, particularly around
    the HANDLERS section.
  - Added a new section to the POD to list some tips for interacting with the
    official chat server, Cho.
  - Cleared up some of the vocabulary in the POD, since "nicknames" and
    "usernames" are two different beasts, and it's important to know which one
    to use for any given method.
  - Included a command-line CyanChat client as a demonstration of this module
    (and to complement the `ccserver` script). The client requires Term::ReadKey
    and, on Win32, Win32::Console::ANSI (if you want ANSI colors).

  Version 0.05 - Jun  1 2007
  - Fixed the end-of-line characters, it now sends a true CrLf.
  - Added the WhoList handler.
  - Added the authenticate(), promote(), and demote() methods.

  Version 0.04 - Oct 24 2006
  - The enter/exit chat messages now go by the tag number (like it's supposed to),
    not by the contained text.
  - Messages can contain pipes in them and be read okay through the module.
  - Added a "ping" function. Apparently Cho will disconnect clients who don't do
    anything in 5 minutes. The "ping" function also helps detect disconnects!
  - The Disconnected handler has been added to detect disconnects.

  Version 0.03 - Oct  1 2006
  - Bug fix: the $level received to most handlers used to be 1 (cyan staff) even
    though it should've been 0 (or any other number), so this has been fixed.

  Version 0.01 - May 14 2005
  - Initial release.
  - Fully supports both protocols 0 and 1 of CyanChat.