0.42	Wednesday 1st September, 2004
	Cleaned up the DESTROY/disconnect logic a little
	Added a t/compile.t and moved the other tests over to the
	Net::DAAP::DMAP dist as they were really testing DMAP unpacking.
	Fixed the email address of the daap-dev list.

0.41	Monday 26th July, 2004
	No longer call the /update thing as it hangs on daapd, and we
	don't currently use the value
	Fixed a bug in parameter handling in _init
	Ignores content-type of responses for downloads (daapd interop)

0.4	Monday 26th July, 2004
	richardc@unixbeard.net took over caretaker duties
	DEBUG now optional, and off by default.
	LWP::UserAgent set keep_alive => 1, so that newer iTunes servers don't
	think we keep sodding off.
	Merge in Net::DAAP::Client::Auth, which makes the validator
	code less objectionable
	Made a SONG_ATTRIBUTES parameter, which is used when populating ->songs

0.2  Fri Mar 23 10:01:04 2003
        - can list and fetch songs and playlists

0.1  Tue May 13 00:01:47 2003
	- original version; skeletal framework