Revision history for Perl extension Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon

0.39  Mon Apr  7 16:14:14 PDT 2014
	tighten checks on ipV4 address specs

0.38  Mon Jan 27 11:59:58 PST 2014
        modify Makefile.PL to bypass missing 'pod2text'

0.37  Sun Dec 15 18:33:24 PST 2013
	add cache loading for blacklist file(s)

0.36  Sun Dec 15 09:42:22 PST 2013
	add white/black list checking to !$notRHBL

0.35  Fri Dec 13 18:07:14 PST 2013
	fixed wrap around flaw in uniqueID()
	add cache load for URBL Prepare tld's and white list

0.34  Fri Jun 14 17:34:49 PDT 2013
	add 'acceptmask' to RBL paramaters
	add conditional URBL lookup conditioning

0.33	Wed May 29 12:37:20 PDT 2013
	made Geo::IP::PurePerl conditional with warning

0.32  Mon Apr 29 19:40:55 PDT 2013
	...not released...
	add unique ID for remote DNS lookup instead of
	using ID of question

0.31  Sun Apr 28 08:01:28 PDT 2013	NOT RELEASED
	Added RHBL functionality, add user defined Extensions

0.30  Sun Oct 17 17:00:42 PDT 2010
	Added optional caching for done to remote DNSBLs. Cache uses 
	TTL of returned record (3600 in the case of PTR 
	timeout). Cache size is variable and can be set by user.

0.29  Sat Mar  6 13:53:45 PST 2010
	Change SOA to return zone name instead of 'localhost' so that
	stand alone operation returns the correct NS record

	Updated rc.multi_dnsbl to return "bound to" IP address instead
	of  ###WARNING### if this is set to all interfaces
	'' the NS record address will be bogus

	Add standard response to query for

	Add standard A response for zone only lookup
	Add standard NS response for zone only lookup

0.28  Thu Mar  4 17:56:50 PST 2010
	Clarify documentation about INCLUDE statement for multidnsbl.conf

0.27  Thu Oct 22 18:50:33 PDT 2009
	The extra AUTHORITY records returned from the originating host
	are no longer included. Some DNSBL's with many mirrors caused
	this section to overflow and return records that 'bind' would not
	accept (i.e. longer than the allowed 512 UDP).
	problem =>

0.26  Sun Nov 16 15:47:51 PST 2008
	replace 'sub DO' with File::SafeDO in Utilities v0.09
	to support INCLUDE keys in the configuration file

  NOTE: rc.multi_dnsbl has been updated to use doINCLUDE
	if you are using an old version of rc.multi_dnsbl and
	wish to use the INCLUDE feature, you must update your

0.25  Sun Nov  9 15:01:48 PST 2008
	correct documentation in Utilities v0.08
	add 'acceptany' key to DNSBL codes to allow
	any A record returned to be considered valid.

0.24  Sat Nov  1 17:15:11 PDT 2008
	adjust prerequsites list

0.23  Wed Oct 15 15:03:50 PDT 2008
	require Net::DNS::ToolKit version 0.41 or higher

0.22  Sat Nov 17 16:43:10 PST 2007
	add sub A1277 to Utilities v0.07

	add GENERIC PTR rejection capability
	see full description of configuration
	in multi_dnsbl.conf.sample

0.21  not released
	set authority in answers to mirror that of answer from 
	query responder.

	add Recursion Allowed capability

0.20  not released
	add Authoratative Answer capability

0.19  Fri Oct 20 17:45:55 PDT 2006
	add 24 hour short term averaging for DNSBL prioritization

0.18  Mon Sep 11 18:29:15 PDT 2006
	'mkdir' updates for perl 5.0503 compatibility

0.17  Fri Jun  2 13:15:29 PDT 2006
	Documentation update

0.16  Fri Apr 28 14:33:19 PDT 2006
	Remove dependency on NetAddr::IP in Net::DNSBL::Utilities. 
	Newer versions of NetAddr::IP only run on perl 5.6 or later 
	and require Math::BigInt. In it's place, we will use

0.15  Tue Feb 22 22:18:52 PST 2005
	Add support for IPv6 records in 'additional' section of answers
	requires Net::DNS::ToolKit 0.24

	Some DNSBL's are now including IPv6 AAAA records in the "additional"
	section of the query response. Previous versions of MultiDaemon
	hardwired an "A" response for all the records in that section. 
	When an AAAA record was encountered, it would send a packet of the 
	wrong length which would produce an "unexpected end of data" error
	in the "named" daemon making the query. Note, that these records are 
	returned by MultiDaemon to assist in tracking the origin of the Query 
	though they are always unused since the MultiDaemon is seen by the 
	client as being on it's underlying host and the glue records from
	the true responding host are in this circumstance extra baggage.
	This release checks for the presence of both A and AAAA records in 
	the "additional" section and discards any other record types.

0.14  Wed Oct  6 11:08:38 PDT 2004
	update documentation

0.13  Mon Aug  9 18:11:04 PDT 2004
	Update rc.multi_dnsbl v1.05 to correct typo that caused
	"Not a SCALAR reference at /etc/init.d/rc.multi_dnsbl line 118 (#1)"
	error when using CountryCode blacklisting. 
	"list2hash" not imported in /etc/init.d/rc.multi_dnsbl
	Thanks to "Peter" <> for spotting
	those two errors.

	Update Utilities::cntinit v0.03 to initialize counts for
	Passed, WhiteList and BlackList (IGNORE,BLOCK) entries, 
	update STAT sort to push above to bottom of list.

	Update to count Passed, WhiteList and BlackList (IGNORE,BLOCK)
	entries in stats file and print subtotal of rejects followed 
	by WhiteList and Passed entries

0.12  Wed Jun 23 16:46:38 PDT 2004
	updated the documentation in multi_dnsbl.conf.sample
	to clarify problems with the timeouts in sendmail when using

0.11  Fri Jun 18 13:07:14 PDT 2004
	Change default SOA record to use TTL of 3600 
	seconds for negative caching and set refresh, retry, to reasonable

0.10  Sat Mar 20 14:34:51 PST 2004
	change 'A' response for configured DNSBL's to always return -- previous versions returned the 'A' record from
	the responding DNSBL. This was inconsistent since different
	DNSBL's don't necessarily use the same codes to specify their
	rejection reason. Since the DNSBL configuration allows
	parsing the individual codes for each zone, allows
	consistency in MultiDaemon's response and does not overlap
	the return codes for, BLOCKED and BBC

0.09  Fri Jan 16 15:09:32 PST 2004
	updated Net::DNSBL::Utilities to 
	print the totals at end of log file

0.08  Wed Jan  7 11:08:30 PST 2004
	Correct documentation on DEPENDENCIES to include 
	Geo::IP::PurePerl and NetAddr::IP

	update DNSBL's in config file to track Mail::Spamcannibal

0.07  Mon Dec  8 18:34:26 PST 2003
	Having a little cockpit trouble today :-) Left out the
	initialization for response when no record is found.
	The nscount and arcount passed through from the PTR record must be 
	set to zero.

0.06  Mon Dec  8 13:29:57 PST 2003
	Oops! left perl diagnostics turned on in 0.05

0.05  Mon Dec  8 13:13:12 PST 2003 queries did not accept SERVFAIL responses as 
	as valid, just expected NXDOMAIN when reverse queries failed.
	Logic corrected.

0.04  Sun Dec  7 11:55:05 PST 2003
	Oops! I neglected to import Net::DNSBL::Utilities::statinit
	into Net::DNSBL::MultiDaemon so SIG{USR2} was causing a crash.

0.03  Wed Nov 26 18:04:00 PST 2003

	WARNING, you need to upgrade your rc.multi_daemon if this
	if you have a previously installed version of this module.

	split MultiDaemon into two modules so the utilities are 
	available to new applications.

	Created Net::DNSBL::Utilities

	add logic to always allow 'IGNORE' block
	add logic to always reject 'BLOCK' block
	add logic to Block By Country
	add logic to reject failed reverse DNS

0.02  Sat Nov 22 16:03:59 PST 2003
	sockaddr_in does not always ask for scalar arguments 
	as expected on some perl/OS combinations, therefore
	scalar arguments must be provided... in particular for 
	the output of Net::DNS::ToolKit::get_ns which uses 
	want_array (xs) to return scalar or array values.
	Thanks to "Gary E. Miller" <> for spotting this bug.

0.01  Fri Nov  7 11:18:07 PST 2003
	initial release