Revision history for Net-Dropbox

1.9     2012-10-23T20:26:55
        updated Module::Install

1.8     2012-03-23T12:47:13
        Thanks to SureVoIP for updating to v1 API

1.7     2011-06-28T12:21:36
        fixed missing requires in Makefile (fixes CPAN Testers reported

1.6.1   2011-06-16T13:16:50
        fixes #16

1.6     2011-05-16T17:44:07
        bugfix release with patches from mschilli and s-aska

1.5     2011-05-09T19:47:59
        list() now accepts an optional 'hash' value to implement
        if-modified-since to verify if dropbox data has changed since
        the last call. (mschilli)

1.4     2011-04-13T07:42:26
        patches by (ktdreyer)
        1) Supplement documentation
        2) Use HTTPS everywhere
        3) Link to GitHub in CPAN metadata

1.3     2011-04-08T16:52:14
        Dropbox Changed the authorized url (s-aska)

1.2     2011-03-24T08:58:10
        fix utf8 copy, move, delete, mkdir, putfile (s-aska)

1.1     2011-02-23T16:49:30
        file download api support (s-aska)

1.0     2011-02-21T09:17:40
        Allow putfile() to properly specify a new target filename on (Greg Knauss)

0.10    2011-02-05T08:40:29
        Turn the attribute "nonce" into a function (Greg Knauss)

0.9     2010-10-18T10:34:38
        merged in changes from (putfile method)

0.7     2010-09-30T11:27:03
        fixed the SYNOPSIS (thanks to

0.6     2010-05-13T13:42:31
        clean up tests referencing Net::Dropbox since i... [perigrin]

0.5     2010-05-13T13:25:10
        clean up POD formatting [perigrin]

0.4     2010-05-12T17:17:16
        cleanup, documentation and full base API implementation

0.01    2010-05-12T13:45:17
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.