Revision history for Net-Elexol-EtherIO24

0.01	2005-10-03 [chrisy]
	First version, just for fun.

0.10	2006-10-28 [chrisy]
	- Various small tweaks
	- Fixed a timing bug that only presented itself when _not_ debugging!

0.11	2006-11-03 [chrisy]
	- Same timing bug. Disabled a section of code that seems to be the root
	- Added clarification to documentation about the need for threads and
	  threading support.

0.13	2006-11-05 [chrisy]
	- Some documentation tweaks

0.15	2008-01-28 [chrisy]
	- Documentation tweaks
	- Add "indirect" updates - ie, perform updates in background,
	  so that successive line writes cause less packet data, etc.
	- Add "indirect" reads - this causes it to cache values retrieved from
	  the Elexol device for a short interval
	- Add hexdummps of packets in debug mode
	- Fix some thread shutdown issues
	- Split up the "status" and "recv" functions in service_loop into individual
	- Overhauled debugging output. Now centralised, and with a specifyable "prefix".

0.17	2008-02-01 [chrisy]
	- Fix module dependencies.
	- Add 'read_before_write' feature.
	- Add 'flush_writes_at_close' tweakable.
	- Add 'clear_cache' method.
	- Make threaded=>1 the default. (instead of 0)

0.18	2008-02-01 [chrisy]
	- Fix stupid MANIFEST mistake.

0.19	2008-02-05 [chrisy]
	- Work on the implementation of set_autoscan_addr
	- Add some eeprom-related methods (read_eeprom, write_eeprom,
	- eeprom_read "retries" if a read attempt timesout.
	- Tweak dump_packet slightly

0.20	2009-08-03 [chrisy]
	- Add linestatus example utility
	- Fix debugging errors that break operation

0.21	2009-08-10 [chrisy]
	- Fix reasonably serious thread-separation issue

0.22	2009-08-11 [chrisy]
	- Fix deadlock introduced in close upon DESTROY, which may also fix other
	  issues caused by calling close in DESTROY when not the parent thread