2009-09-03  Terrence Brannon  <schemelab@li2-168.members.linode.com>

	* add MIT License for use by Symantec

2002-03-17  Terrence Brannon  <metaperl@localhost>

	* added STDERR => $file hash constructor configuration option so
	that debug output from Net::FTP(::Common)? can be saved to a

2002-01-15  Terrence Brannon  <metaperl@localhost>

	* v2.8 renamed dir() to ls() will add kevin evans implementation
	of dir in v2.9

2001-12-11  Terrence Brannon  <metaperl@localhost>

	* Changed Dir option to RemoteDir to avoid confusion (v2.6)

Revision history for Perl extension Net::FTP::Common.

0.01  Tue Oct 10 09:15:32 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-A -X -n Net::FTP::Common