Add support for OAuth 1.0a (thanks to Menno Blom)

v1.5 Thu  7 May 2009 19:58:46 BST
  Add support for general purpose tokens and
  the within and recent methods (Sainath Adiraju)

v1.4 Wed 18 Mar 2009 01:48:27 GMT
  Fix somewhat spurious tests

v1.3 Mon 16 Mar 2009 16:35:00 BST
  Switch to using Net::OAuth::Simple 

v1.2 Thu 14 Aug 2008 01:23:46 BST
  Fix the accessors (Brendan O'Connor)

v1.1 Wed 30 Apr 2008 16:04:55 BST
  Make usage in bin/fireeagle be correct (Mark Fowler)

v1.0 Mon 7 Apr 2008 19:33:59 BST
  Doc bugs (Pedro Figueiredo)
  Added request_token and request_token_secret for web apps (Pedro Figueiredo)
  Require Carp and Net::SSLeay

v0.9 Tue 25 Mar 2008 17:29:02 GMT
  Fix some documentation errors
  Fixed an error when POSTing

v0.8 Tue 25 Mar 2008 00:49:04 GMT
  CPANify (docs, tests, Build.PL etc etc)
  Refactor and simplify code
  Add example fireeagle script
  Add lookup_location method
  Allow ability to use complicated locations
  Use a Mersenne Twister for the nonce where possible

v0.06 Wed 05 Mar 2008 12:00:00 PST
  Initial release from Yahoo! Brickhouse