Revision history for Perl extension Net::FreeDB.

0.10  Tue Oct 14 09:33:00 2014
    - Major rewrite, interface is NOT backward compatible
    - Fixed many issues that caused most of the funtionality to not work
    - Is now CDDB Protocol Level 6 compliant, this includes many new methods
    - Code no longer requires regular expressions to parse data, is much more sane

0.09  Mon Oct 13 13:26:00 2014
    - Applied patch for FreeBSD from Daniel Lintott for kFreeBSD-* systems
    - Applied patch for FreeBSD from Gregor Herrmann to disable some tests when no net access is available
    - Applied patch to fix POD error from Gregor Herrmann

0.08  Thu Sep 28 11:02:51 2006
	- Fix the use of CDDB::File in the read() method.
	  Reported by Kaloyan Dimitrov <>
	- Remove an unreferenced variable in the XS files.
	  Closes: CPAN RT #4191
	- Add the Changes file to the packing manifest.

0.07  Tue Jan  3 15:57:08 2006
	- Add FreeBSD support
	  various minor cleanups
	  release as 0.07 by Peter Pentchev after e-mail silence by
	  David Shultz for a couple of months

0.06  Tue Feb 26 10:27:00 2002
	- Merging query and inexact methods
	  changing return of query method to return an
	  array of hashes

0.05  Wed Feb 20 12:00:00 2002
	- Various changes including adding CDDB::File support
	  more tests for method and static calls and various
	  bug fixes

0.01  Wed Aug  1 11:28:11 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-n Net::FreeDB -d -x discid.h