Revision history for Perl module Net::Google::Analytics 

3.05  2016-03-21
        - Improve and update documentation.
        - Improve the "Getting Started" section.
          (Thanks to Breno G. de Oliveira for the pull request)
        - Cache row classes generated at runtime. This also fixes a
          memory leak.
        - Fix conversion from camel case. Handle names starting with
          uppercase letters and names with consecutive uppercase
          (Thanks to Sachin Sebastian for the report)

3.04  2015-09-15
        - Support samplingLevel request parameter
          (Thanks to Sachin Sebastian for the pull request)

3.03  2015-03-18
        - Add support for the Realtime Analytics API
          (Thanks to Andy (yacomink) for the initial patch)

3.02  2014-01-07
        - Add $response->num_rows method
        - Make $response->project return a new response object
        - Allow additional parameters to authorize_url
          (Thanks to Masakazu Ohtsuka for the patch)

3.01  2012-08-09
        - RT #78789: Fixes for retrieve_paged
          Thanks to Jon Schutz for the report
        - Documentation fixes

3.00  2012-02-26
        - Major rewrite implementing the version 3 API

        - Don't require 'dimensions' parameter in data feed requests
          (Thanks to Simon Cavalletto for the report)

        - Add back package version

        - Dist::Zilla related changes
        - Add accessor for title of account feed entries
          (Thanks to Andy McFarland for the patch)

        - Check required data feed parameters
        - Documentation fixes
        - Fix ->uri and ->retrieve_xml

        - Backwards compatibility for XML::LibXML::XPathContext
        - Interactive authentication
        - Don't die in case of an HTTP error
        - Expose HTTP error via is_success, code, message
        - Add tests and comments for project method

        - Use weak ref instead of finish method

        - Enhance API
        - Add link to Github repository
        - Smaller fixes

        - Initial test version