Revision history for Net-GraphSpace

0.0009  2011-12-07
        Added support for Node size 'auto'.

0.0008  2011-11-26
        Added get_graphs method.
        Simplified Net::GraphSpace constructor.

0.0007  2011-11-21
        Removed MooseX::Method::Signatures dep + misc stuff.

0.0006  2011-11-17
        Updating to support the new GraphSpace resource hierarchy.

0.0005  2011-11-06
        Updating pod docs with links to

0.0004  2011-11-04
        Net::GraphSpace now has host and port attributes in place of server.

0.0003  2011-11-04
        Updating pod docs with examples of non int id's.

0.0002  2011-10-31
        Fixed mistake in pod docs:
            Net::GraphSpace does not have a name attribute.
        Probably lots more of these to come.

0.0001  2011-10-31
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.