Revision history for Net-Hadoop-WebHDFS-LWP

0.010 2017-05-04 BURAK
	Whitelist setting a cookie jar.

0.009 2017-01-17 BURAK
        Parse / cleanup the HTML response returned from the endpoints
                (happens with GSSAPI - secure clusters).
                Ideally we should always receive json and such but unfortunately
                Hadoop is broken in some ways in this regard.
        The feature also makes HTML::Parser a recommended module.
        Cleanup / rework some internal parts.

0.008   2016-09-30
        Pass proxy settings to the UA object (Yati Sagade).
        Net::Hadoop::WebHDFS dependency bumped to have new methods in there available
        form this module as well.

0.007   2016-05-27
        Fix for RT#114762

0.006   2016-05-26
        Fix for RT#109101: "libwww" specified in TEST_REQUIRES