v0.04 (2017/04/26)
--Ported to new Class::EHierarchy API
--Ported to new Paranoid API
--Fixed encapsulation offset bug (
--Fixed mangling of binary date (

v0.03 (2014/01/11)
--Minor improvements to sample server
--Minor fixes to comply with RFC Errata
--Added status code 418/description
--No longer produces parsing error for missing Encapsulated header

v0.02 (2014/01/11)
--Added new dependencies (URI & HTTP::Date)
--Added default port constant
--Added automatic Date header generation if it's missing
--Added URI parsing convenience functions for Request objects
--Added automatic Host header generation for Requests
--Added Server implementation
--Added sample script using the Server module
--Updated tests to account for Date headers and new modules

v0.01 (2014/01/09)
--Initial revision